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Among the Illyrians this animal represented one of the most important deities and protectors of family and as such it rightfully positioned itself at the beginning of the circle of destiny as the first sign. Its rule lasts from 15.10. until 15.11. Persons born under the sign of Snake are traditionalists, they’re loyal to their home and family. They don’t like changes sometimes due to laziness and sometimes because they’re not prone to taking responsibility. Only a more dominant but friendly person can spur them into action. Otherwise, they feel unsure of themselves and become stubborn.

Female snake

We must admit that women under this sign are very interesting, ingenious, peculiar, and slightly egocentric prone to refined things. They’re attracted by men which know how to impose themselves whether by their behavior or their looks. There, they reveal their naivety which is cute. They’re able to experience deep emotions, and in order to save their relationship they play their own hidden games. Work is important to them since they like to proving themselves, they can be quite thorough, but hardly accept their own mistakes. However, agreement is possible with them. When it comes to family a woman snake creates a pleasant ambiance since peace inside the home is one of her priorities. She shows love towards her children and partner. Though it seems otherwise she can be quite the fighter and knows how to fight for the person she cares for. Similarly, if she loses trust in you then there is no going back.

Male snake

Recognizable characteristic of male members of this sign is a certain stubbornness which often transforms into auto-destructiveness, or as people would say, they’re their own worst enemies. This is especially pronounced in male snakes which have a hard time accepting their mistakes, that’s why they’re faced with additional, unnecessary issues and difficulties. He’s a gourmand, he loves to enjoy food, atmosphere and attention. Often he has issues with expressing his emotions, which he likes to suppress or even deny due to an inborn incomprehensible need, though in his heart he yearns for attention and tenderness. It is pretty easy to upset him but also to scare him. But, he doesn’t show it publicly since he likes to appear strong and dangerous. He has an inclination to take care of those weaker than him, since it strengthens his ego and self-confidence. When it comes to work he is precise and detailed but not overtly fast. This is why they don’t like a tense working atmosphere or pressure. Stress affects him heavily. As a partner he is passionate, possessive and to a certain degree fickle. He is one of those partners that need to be reminded often who they have by their side.

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