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Swallow is the second sign in the Bosnian horoscope which lasts from 15.11. until 15.12. Persons born in this period usually lead an interesting life and they have a hard time making peace with monotony. Swallow in mythology in BiH is a symbol of luck and wellbeing and that’s why we can say that a person under this sign has a chance to succeed in life, often, with the help of family or marital partner.

Woman swallow

Among women of this sign a characteristic trait is that they’re pretty self-aware, independent, and naturally adaptable to difficult situations out of which they always manage to find something for themselves. Without a doubt, swallow is a “tough” sign which despite its emotionality in front of life’s difficulties takes control and faces issues. Social aspect is very important to them and they’re good housewives which love to host their friends and persons which they care about not sparing effort nor money so that everything is on point. Female swallow is a perfect combination of emotion and happiness therefore as partners they’re very desirable. But, that playfulness often leads them to a wrong partner therefore love disappointments are inevitable. Stubbornness is another characteristic which swallow brings more harm than good. For them it’s an issue to receive a well-meaning advice, since it goes against their belief that they can and know everything by themselves. Because of an inborn tendency for independence swallows is not a lazy sign and treats work seriously, readily taking on responsibilities which it brings. This leads us to a conclusion that they’re careerists. Often a woman swallow cultivates a special relationship with her father, and despite differences in opinion, she is very sensitive to all comments and praises coming from that side.

Male swallow

Perhaps the best and shortest description – complex personality in constant conflict with himself. He is charming, often magnetic for the opposite sex, sociable, communicative. But, though a cheerful person every male swallow has his own dark side which he hides like a black box from others and which is full of internal fears, insecurities, deviations, frustrations and complexes. But his greatest phobia is fear of rejection. That’s why he is prone to literally buying attention from others, in some way, convincing himself that everyone loves and accepts him. He is very emotional but often egoistic, vengeful, always obsessed with the past behind which stands a feeling of guilt which follows him. He is jealous, often possessive, prone to proving himself through sex, since he is not skillful in showing his emotions nor does he know how to express himself properly. A man under this sign doesn’t expect a woman to be the best housewife, nor is that important to him, what he expects the most is for her to be tolerant and not to create pressure. Namely, infrequently a male swallow will panic in front of an issue and choose the easier way out i.e. run from the problem or will surround himself with material possessions since it offers him a feeling of peace and security, but also grandeur.

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