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Third sign of the circle of destiny which rules during the period from 15.12. until 15.01. is called Cherry. In BiH tradition, cherry is a tree which takes a special place in the cult of the dead since its fruits are eaten by birds. Since a bird in mythological imagery is a symbol of a soul in the past it was a custom to plant cherry tree in graveyards. It was believed that a cherry growing near a graveyard will help a soul of a mejit (deceased) to free himself of sins, each time when a bird would eat its fruit. Among the folk cherry fruits are called "bird’s provision" or "ptičja nafaka".

Female cherry

A female cherry tends to take the initiative in the seduction process, therefore she doesn’t hesitate to give compliments to a man she likes. Her tactic spurs her to more steps, since members of this sign have a hard time coping with rejection and disinterest of the other party. In the end when she conquers the man she likes, whether through the role of a gentle and vulnerable woman or an aggressive flirt, the next step is subjugating her partner in order to have control over him. Despite all of this, female cherry is insecure and possessive deep inside. Mentioned energy and persistence she doesn’t transfer onto work and career since she is not overtly hard working and dedicated to work. She is not lazy but her personal life affects her business enthusiasm. If in that segment everything functions she is then dedicated to work. In most cases work is a necessary evil, although she respects financial independence. Though she has a tendency to be in leading roles, she more prefers team work. Tendency towards panicking is the result of her weak relationship with stress and pressure.

Male cherry

Members of this sign, male and female, can be recognized easily according to the way they dress which is always sports like and carefree. Also, the less clothes they wear the freer they feel. Male cherry is playful, he likes challenges, to be conquered and to conquer, he possesses a characteristic naivety, and when hurt he cannot stay angry for long. He’s not a vengeful person. He loves sex and everything connected to it therefore experiments in that field are not foreign to him. This is certainly the most erotic sign in the circle of destiny. He can be jealous, possessive but also stubborn. From his partner he desires attention since that fulfils him. She needs to be proactive and broadminded since he is magnetically attracted to these types of women. He is a gourmand but also prefers healthy food and such a way of life. In business he is not content with only one activity and a large part of men under this sign earns “on the side”. They’re good business partners and have no issues fitting into any work environment.

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