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Fourth sign in the Bosnian horoscope is called frog, an animal which since ancient times represented one of zoomorphic forms of the Universal Mother – the oldest deity in human history, bearer of fertility and life. Among the Illyrians the frog had a similar symbolism and is therefore considered in Bosnian mythology as a protector of cattle, especially the cow, and milk which was used to feed the entire family especially small children. Protective role of the frog is reflected in the folk belief that when a frog arrives in front of the door she is warning the inhabitants that someone's evil is directed at them. The sign of the frog is dominant from 15.01. until 15.02.

Female frog

Members of this sign rarely declare themselves as „misunderstood soul“, since her external appearance doesn't suit what she has inside of her. In a certain way she is a rebel which is characterized by free-spiritedness which is why she is often not distanced from the man she likes. She likes to compete with the competition and she has a habit to measure and rate women around herself, usually in an unrealistic way. Talking behind someone’s back is not unknown to her. On marriage a thoughtful frog looks as a job and dreams of marrying a rich or capable man. She is characterized by a tendency to brag, therefore her partner or marriage are the best and most ideal. But, despite all of this, she is gentle and loyal to her partner, her passion is overtly highlighted, she doesn’t like to do things quickly, lovemaking for her must be long and dedicated. She treats work and career leisurely, and certainly she will never “burn up” in the work place or give her 100%. She is a good communicator and all jobs that require this skill suit her. She likes being in male company which suits her better.

Male frog

He is communicative, focused on what interests him, curious and adaptable. His bad sides are his insecurity, cautiousness, withdrawal, lies, obsessiveness. When it comes to emotions it is noticeable that a man under this sign tends to have a dominant partner or attracts such persons unknowingly. Generally, when he is in love he doesn’t know how to take a firm stance. He is a caring spouse and tries to please. His threshold of tolerance is pretty high mostly because he is traditional, doesn’t like to be alone and his family is extremely important to him which profiles him as a success. Though in public or in front of others he presents himself as a macho he is often quite the opposite; he likes tenderness, closeness and enjoys being surrounded by harmony. In business he is dedicated. He tries to be responsible towards his family and likes to feel useful. Quite a number of men under this sign have a private business since they don’t like having a boss or they believe that they know business better than others. All in all, they’re hard working and work to them serves for making new acquaintances and increasing their circle of friends. Career success is very important to them, and affects them greatly therefore they’re prone to increased stress.

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