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Fifth sign in the Bosnian horoscope which rules over the period of 15th February until 15th March. This sign got its name from a brave Illyrian warrior but also because the time which this sign rules over signifies an unstable climatic period which signifies an unstable climatic period which is an introduction to warmer months in the year. According to Bosnian mythology, during this time there is a battle between north and south, cold and warm winds. That’s why the warrior is fighting evil spirits of nature and wins over them enabling with his fight the continuation of the cycle of life.

Female warrior

Female warrior is a flirt with instinctive urge to be liked by others. That’s why she is prone to present her love with her partner in public, whether it is real or not. She is of a restless spirit, leans towards the unexpected love and often fantasizes about love with a stranger. Her mind and imagination are very creative. Her emotions are pronounced and if she is lucky to have a good partner next to her then she can bear anything. Material things are not that important in her life, except when it comes to her family and children, she wants the best for them. She can overdo things in that field and wittingly make herself a victim. In her career it is important for her to prove herself to others and to be accepted. She has the ability to notice small details and to avoid easily everything that doesn’t suit her in a given moment. She is curious and likes to research.

Male warrior

He is versatile and knows how to adapt. He likes to play the victim and claim others work since he yearns attention. If his partner doesn’t show enough attention to him, infidelity will not be unknown to him. His insecurity is best seen in running from issues or uncomfortable situations when he often uses lies which to him seem as quick fixes. He is attractive to women, his amorous glance and dedication give him a certain charm and impressiveness. He is passionate, enjoys sex and he is no stranger to small perversions. His career is important to him, most ass kissers are found under this sign, they have no issue in appearing as a good worker to their boss so that they can advance their position. Once they get a good position he then expects others to kiss his ass in order to feed his ego. In speech he often swears into something in order to give greater importance to what he is speaking and claiming, although rarely half-truths hide behind such statements.

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