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Grandmother is the sixth sign in the Bosnian horoscope and at the same time the last of the dark or winter signs. It rules over the period from 15th March to 15th April. Behind the name Grandmother is located the ancient lunar goddess of the moon, female principle, which interacts with the Grandfather – ancient deity of the sun, and creates the basis of ancient pagan beliefs and cults. In the Bosnian folk calendar the period from the 15th until 21st March belongs to the Grandmother and are thought of as the pinnacle of unstable weather when snow, rain, wind and sunny weather exchange or sometimes all happen in the same day. This is the period of pregnancy of the Universal Mother which will bring a son to this world in the beginning of the light part of the year, this son is at the same time her lover, which is why nature is upset and all of her forces are moving.

Female Grandmother

Females of this sign is a wildcat but she hides this characteristic skillfully, she is resourceful and cunning, at times a hypocrite. She adjusts to her partner, although this creates discontent in her. She doesn’t like it when someone else touches her things, especially clothes, since she cares about personal belongings. She often has a high opinion of herself and this doesn’t help her in life. She can provoke the other side by this and then in her confused way act as the assaulted and offended party. When she falls in love she becomes insecure and jealous, which makes her nervous. Loyalty to family often represents a hurdle in her personal life and she needs to learn how to keep a long enough distance so that her closest are a source of pleasure for her and not a burden. Female Grandmother usually from her earliest days is oriented towards work and creation, which can often make her a somewhat stingy person. She shows ingenuity and creativity in a business sense.

Male Grandmother

Characteristics of a male person under this sign are sociability, standing out in the crowd and hastiness. Though of a calmer nature he can be brash and prone to nervousness in all stressful situation because he experiences things personally. During communication he likes to express himself picturesquely and he can be sarcastic. In the relationship with his partner he is often passive which gives off a false sense of indifference. Male Grandmother is also passionate and emotional but he often suppresses this inside of himself, which is the main reason for his outbursts of jealousy or withdrawal. All in all others often see him as a complicated person. Male Grandmother is not lazy, work and career are important to him so that he can creatively express himself but also get a certain security. He likes to create and is a person which likes an established, calm life. According to this we can conclude that he is a family guy. At work he often doesn’t get along with his colleagues, but he knows how to hide it.

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