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Pigeon is the eight sign in the circle of destiny whose period of rule spans from 15th May until 15th June. In Bosnian mythology a pigeon is a bird dedicated to the solar deity and is an ideal symbol of a period in which sun receives its energy and spreads light and warmth, after the end of the dark part of the year. Pigeon is therefore a messenger-bird of the mentioned period of regeneration and triumph of nature.

Female pigeon

The largest percentage of women under this sign have issues with their insecurity and unhappiness, over which they never completely triumph during their life, and in their younger years they suppress their personality while in some later periods it grows into a strong desire for standing out, emphasizing her looks and values. Female pigeon is very persistent when it comes to her partner and is ready for various sacrifices in order to ensure her emotional relationship. When she is in love that state holds her much longer than other signs and we can conclude that she is passionate and possessive. Stubbornness forces her to become a victim of her emotions which undoubtedly leads to great frustrations and disappointments. She tends to idealize her partner which leads her to a subordinate role. She is a careerist, she loves money and the freedom it brings. But, she is not stingy and she will buy gifts for others with pleasure or will loan them money. She respects authority and superiors. She’s disciplined at work and when it comes to completing tasks.

Male pigeon

He can be complicated, confusing for the surrounding and fickle. He is communicative and prone to philosophizing. He is a demanding partner, a partner which desires time and attention. But, at the same time, he is fun, witty, prone to experimenting, often a gentleman. All in all, it is rarely dull with him. He is prone to domination and jealousy, although he desires a good looking and attractive partner, since it is very important for him to be noticed. When he makes a mistake he finds ways to apologize but in such a manner that his crown stays on his head. He is sociable, he doesn’t like being alone, but that often means being in any type of relationship, no matter whether he has any emotions towards his partner. His internal fear and anxiety he hides skillfully with provocative statements and acting, but, male pigeon is always different from how he presents himself. We could say that he is a great careerist, he sees work as a necessary evil. However, good earning potential always stimulates him and he is no stranger to breaking some of his principles to get money. With this sign the rule much theory little practice is confirmed.

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