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Linden is the ninth symbol in the circle which rules from the period of 15th June until 15th July. In BiH tradition linden is a holly tree next to which Bogomils (Arian Christianity) performed their rituals. After the middle ages, linden didn’t lose its religious symbolism and was planted near mosques, which continued the religious practice for which certain anthropologists claim actually steams from Illyrian cults of trees to which they gave divine characteristics.

Female linden

Member of this sign is refined, sociable and often eloquent. She is attracted to strong men, which are direct and spontaneous. Her pronounced emotional characteristic makes her vulnerable, sensitive, which she tries to hide. She is egoistic and doesn’t forgive her partner neglect, therefore she won’t hesitate to seek attention from another man. But, whatever happens is never her fault but the other side’s. She exhibits passive aggression. There she shows an immature nature which resists taking responsibilities for personal mistakes. In a relationship or marriage she tries to keep everything under her control, but often discretely and decently. She is jealous, which can often grow into possessiveness. She yearns for support, both in the family and from her partner, since with all her wit and creativity she lacks a push in the right direction. She has a tendency to live beyond her means and often has financial issues. She isn’t prone to save for a rainy day. Career means a lot to her although she is picky when it comes to her work place. Dynamic jobs attract her, she doesn’t like monotony.

Male linden

Member of this sign is a person which doesn’t like being alone, and often decides to enter marriage early. She is tied to his family and togetherness and support mean a lot to him. Since he isn’t overtly independent and possesses insecurity he is attracted to partners which are dominant or which take initiative. She is prone to rage outbursts because of the negative effect of stress and pressure. He is gentle, romantic and a bit traditional. Large numbers of men under this sign have issues with egoism and don’t like admitting their mistakes. He often represents himself more different than he is since he likes to mask his insecurity in such a manner. Since his nature is more laid back he isn’t overly ambitious. Business environment without much stress and hassle suits him best. There are a lot of lazy people under this sign. They have a tendency towards vices.

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