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Salamander is the tenth sign in the circle of destiny which rules over the period of 15th July until 15th August. In Bosnian mythology it is considered that every man has his own salamander, animal doppelganger or follower, which comes to him after his death to guard him or to devour him, depending on whether the man was good or bad. It is also believed that Salamanders are miniature versions of dragons on earth, the same one which according to legends satiates his hunger for warmth and light by devouring two out of three sun’, which were in the sky in ancient times. According to this legend salamander is a symbol of sun which positions him in the period of the year with the most intensive activity of solar warmth.

Female salamander

Members of this sign are passionate and egoistic, sometimes selfish, prone to some immature states when they recede or simply pout. They need a flexible partner which can be in harmony with their demanding character. She is a loyal companion. Female salamander is of a restless spirit, she loves to travel, be in social gatherings and events since she “feeds” off of this and fills up with energy. She likes challenges, and even though she isn’t negative often in communication with others she can be indelicate with her statements. She loves and appreciates presents, she is prone to sentimentality. Pronounced taste in jewelry, hair dying and seeking her recognizable image. All of this is her trademark. She enjoys sex and is prone to experimenting. She is a careerist, is responsible when it comes to work and has leadership qualities. Since she leans towards having everything under control her nightmare scenario is not having enough money. Therefore she isn’t prone to extravagance, though she has a tendency of helping others.

Male salamander

He is an emotional person hiding underneath a thick layer of machoism. Whether we’re talking about expressive physical or character lines, each male member of this sign tries to accentuate his masculinity. Behind all of this is often hides fear from rejection and a great desire to hide insecurity. He is a gourmand which is perhaps not prone to creation and long term planning but he is someone which at every moment knows and wants to enjoy. He is prone to excesses, boasting and even lying, in order to present himself as a more ideal person. He is passionate, good lover. Charismatic. Despite that inborn insecurity makes him possessive. His ego often restrains him, he doesn’t like authority but respects friendship. He is attracted by passionate and communicative women. However, his love, if she desires to keep him, must be tolerant towards arbitrary behavior which he sometimes exhibits due to his hurt pride. It is known that a male under this sign doesn’t love working, and often chooses easier and simpler jobs. But, he functions well in smaller business settings, and often in individual work. Money isn’t important to him, he knows how to earn it and spend it.

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