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Penultimate sign in the Bosnian horoscope which dominates the period from 15th August until 15th September. Sedef or sedefil (rue) in BiH tradition is tied to the cult of the dead, which is why this plant was once planted in graveyards. Besides, rue because of its prophylactic and magical characteristics is the most widespread plant in the cult of magic and incantations and practice of stravarke. It is believed that rue was dedicated to Hazrat Fatima.

Female rue

Females under this sign seem confusing to their environment because of their insecurity. There is a silent conflict between traditional upbringing and desire to be a self-confident woman which conquers and lives her own way. She is sensory and sensual, enjoys sex and certain perversions are not unknown to her. She likes to please her man in order to keep him and is therefore ready to make herself a victim in order to keep a certain relationship. We can see a character line of masochism, as well as the fact that she likes dominant males more. She is vain, stubborn and at moments of anger extremely harsh in words. But, she is a loyal friend which gifts the friends she loves and appreciates. Female rue is a careerist, she is persistent and doesn’t give up from the things she set her mind to. Her pronounced feeling for detail and meticulousness helps her tremendously to develop discipline and advance in her work place. She isn’t good with money, she lacks a feeling for profitability. She likes to buy good and high quality things, which causes her to have monetary difficulties.

Male rue

Member of this sign is traditional and family oriented, and protective. But, what distorts this ideal picture is a provocative characteristic, exaggeration in statements and overtly pronounced ego. Passive-aggressive behavior is common to most people born under the sign of rue. He is a huge gourmand and his ideal partner is a woman which knows her way around the kitchen. Besides he is attracted by well dressed women, communicative, which cannot throw shade on his grandeur. When he courts he is direct and playful, a woman will feel content next to him since he clearly makes it known that he wishes to take care of her. He is possessive and his love is expressed through possession. He doesn’t like monotony and he will cause a fight in order to have attention directed at himself. When it comes to work he is the one that philosophizes, comments others. He isn’t resistant to stress and pressure can cause nervousness. He is always “searching himself” when it comes to career which leads him to change his work place often. He is no stranger to making money in an unconventional way.

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