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Last i.e. twelfth sign in the Bosnian horoscope which rules from 15th September until 15th October is called Dragon. Among our forefathers Illyrians, dragon was considered to be a deity and folk traditions describe him as a large snake with small arms and legs, covered in scales. In the rest of the story it is claimed that a dragon can have sexual relations with women out of which a cub can be born, known in Bosnian mythology as Snijet. Snake and dragon represent two totems, symbols of opposition which in unison represent the entire universe – good and evil, life and death, creation and destruction which is why these two signs took the first and second place in the circle of destiny.

Female dragon

Like a real dragon, a woman under this sign can get “ignited” and “burn up” in love which is manifested in their preoccupation with the man they like. Then they are not moderate and they will do everything to win over their partner and get his love. They’re prone to dramatization, acting like victims, and everything else which could divert attention to them. Ebb and tide of emotions exchange inside of them and they have phases of receding and attacking. Frustration makes them thoughtless with their statements and they become drastic and unpleasant. Egotism is pronounced as well as the need to prove themselves as well as to their partner through sex. Work and generally career women of this sign see as sort of release, since money allows them to be what they want, to the extent that they desire. Their issue is that they have a hard time separating their private lives from their work lives.

Male dragon

He is certainly a very specific person, prone to receding and stubbornness. He is emotional, sensitive, loves tenderness, lack of love he usually substitutes with food and sweats – since he is a gourmand. Attractive women for him are the ones with an attitude, dominant, which the male dragon wishes to subdue and subjugate in his fantasies. It is not rare that love holds him for a long time, even when the relationship ends. He possesses a certain dose of immaturity, jealousy, and he doesn’t know how to express himself correctly. His sense of humor isn’t always acceptable to others. When he loses an argument he instinctively tries to play the victim. Though not a personification of speed and agility he is a good worker, precise and focused on what he is doing. He doesn’t like risks and always plays it safe. Despite this, sometimes he has unconventional ideas and thoughts. Money and career are important to him and as he doesn’t like authority he has a greater chance for success if he chooses a career where he can have individuality and greater freedom.

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