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2016 - year of the moon goddess

When one wants to predict the future globally in a certain year, then it is necessary to know first and foremost with which number that year is represented in numerology. In that manner we come to very important information which helps us grasp further all the situations which highlight it. What is interesting at the very start of the analysis is that the year 2016 is in the sign of the moon goddess, namely, the year starts on Friday (01.01.), which is considered to be the day of Venus (woman), the number of the year is 9 - symbol of the Grand Mother (woman) and according to the schedule of the change of signs, grandma (old woman) rules over this year, with which we have all three forms of the moon goddess.

As 2016 is in the sign of number 9 we could predict that the year is in the number which ends one decade and begins another one. But, the situation is not as simple, especially not patterned, since it is familiar that influences individually interweave and often don't go the way that we would like them to. For that reason often the influence of one period has a relatively long term effect and during the following one shouldn't rush with new prognoses. But, anyway, number 9 is the personification of the Grand Mother which has the specificity to accumulate all events and energies which preceded it and with their help "give birth" to a new period. Simply put, from our activity depends our common future. Circle of destiny is eternal, it is never broken, instead it continuously passes through a light and dark period, in order to regenerate life energy, influencing in such a manner every part of our planet but also space. Will Grand Mother (9) cause positive or negative events, and will they happen in the expected time or a bit latter, remains to be seen.

When you resonate the main aspects of what is possible in the year that is under the sign of the grandma, the first thing we notice are numerous natural disasters which will be felt by humans. There will be a few volcano eruptions and it is possible that there will be smaller floods and earthquakes in certain areas. But, the positive thing is that in the year of grandma and number 9 it is possible that reason will prevail and tensions will be reduced, especially those in the Middle East. Number 9 is a symbol of diplomacy and there is a big chance that 2016 will be a year of big diplomatic solutions and return of stability and peace. The first part of the year will be marked by unrest and various political turmoil, but even then, when it will seem that nothing positive is going on, behind "closed doors" a bustling negotiations and agreement will happen, which will come to light a bit later. Though, such deals won't be profitable long term nor will they represent a realistic solution, they will stop the killing and crisis.

This is why 2016 is very important for the signs of the Bosnian horoscope since it offers us the possibility to fix the mistakes from previous years, end incompatible relationships, bring to end bad business, etc. This is the year in which one needs to start new love relationships, business, friendships. And all this under the positive influence of the Grand Mother. Children born in this year will be particularly capable and creative, prone to master languages easier, learning. Depending in which of the 12 signs of the circle of destiny the person is born one can determine their potential.

23/01/2016 09:17