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End of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 for persons born under this sign is an extremely turbulent period which brings with itself sudden changes and possibilities for ending long-term love relationships and friendships and loss of a job. But, that period doesn't last long, at the end of January it stops and opens up new possibilities and chances. This relatively short negative period is an ideal time for life changes, especially for those that are in their thirties. During spring the Snake comes under a strong influence of the grandma, symbol of emotions, and new love relationships and friendships are possible, which have the tendency to become serious.

Similarly, during 2016 Snake is in opposition with Salamander, which offers certain convenience but also creates pronounced sensitivity, prone to lighter diseases and allergies. During this year the career field is dominant in relation to all other aspects which should be utilised, especially in the period from March until September, in order to profit, advance and get a new work place.

Through the field of love the Snake will show a deeper need throughout the year for emotional connection and also sexual gratification, which is a direct influence of the Grandma, Grandpa and Salamander. 2016 is suitable for getting married, since it is in the sign of the moon goddess, usually prone to family and children and her influence is especially inclined to signs of the darker part of the year. Things that can present an issue to every Snake in their emotional lives is the desire for domination and possessiveness, all this requires from them the development of tolerance and flexibility.

Throughout the entire 2016 the Snake creates a triangle with the Grandpa and Salamander, pretty strong signs which give energy and desire but also stubbornness and inclination towards making those mistakes to which the Snake is usually not prone to. Desire to restrain the ego and stubbornness is especially important in emotional and business relationships. Period of appeasement and entering in a stable period is from September.

23/01/2016 08:45