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Beginning of 2016 is full of expectations, numerous members of this sign will commit themselves to some tasks which they want to fulfil during this year, which will be very difficult to achieve because of the awkward triangle with the Pigeon and Rue. Beginning of the year for the Swallow will be ostensibly calm and stable, and this is what she will mind the most, since this is the sign that hates monotony. Since numerous initiated activities that the Swallow didn't finish in 2015 will have to be completed in this year. But, because of the pronounced influence of the Pigeon there will be a tendency towards procrastination, uncertainty, as well as stress and frustration.

Because of the constant feeling of nervousness the Swallow will often bring itself into unnecessary issues with others which will make her even unhappier. This will certainly reflect on her emotional life. Influence of the Rue, which is quite present throughout this year, will bring to the Swallow, beside the desire to change partners, flirt, new passionate relationships and love which could end up in a hasty marriage.

For numerous members of this sign 2016 is the year of maturing, since the tendency for change and freedom is extremely pronounced thanks to the meeting of two somewhat opposing influences of Swallow-Rue, with whose influence every need for break with the past. New acquaintances with strangers, for persons living in other countries, are present throughout the entire year since this combination makes them on-going.

Frequent headaches are possible, issues with circulation but also weakening of the immunity. On the business front misunderstandings with colleagues and partners are evident, therefore it is suggested to them to be wary especially when signing important documents and contracts. Appealing business offers await them in Autumn, as well as the possibility for changes and a new work place.

23/01/2016 08:44