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For people born under this sign, 2016 will be a year of emotions, weather we are talking about love, family or friendly relations, but with those pretty and pleasant moments there will be extremely uncomfortable ones which lead to crashes and disappointments. The sign of the Dragon is to be blamed for the negative effect that it has on the Cherry, additionally it exposes the Cherry to pressure and stress under which long term friendships or relationships will be ended, namely, all the relationships the Cherry has with others, but which are shown to be unstable, could be abruptly ended in 2016. Of course this will not go by simply but followed by fights and critiques. With this the unfavourable influence of the Dragon does not end, it causes among the younger members of the Cherry inclination towards conflicts with authority, primarily with parents.

On the business side, for the Cherry, thanks to the influence of the Linden, this will be an extremely successful business year which brings new choices, jobs and projects. All the things that have to do with communication and marketing will bring success to Cherry. Frequent travel is possible in this year. Linden has a very benevolent effect on the Cherry and allows her to improve her social life and to be exposed and experience her moment of fame.

For the Cherry 2016 is a year of sudden decisions and possible movement, new business beginnings but also love affairs. Health wise there is a possibility for danger of obesity, spine but also various infections.

23/01/2016 08:43