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For a large number of members of this sign, 2016 is a year of important life decisions, and of course, a chance to acquire some new life experiences and skills, especially business ones, which will be needed in the following period. Namely, this year brings to numerous frogs financial i.e. business issues. Without a doubt, such an unfavourable trend of events will reflect on behaviour and will often cause nervousness and reckless statements. Oscillations in behaviour will be evident along with general uncertainty. But, all those professions tied to tourism, agriculture and commercial businesses are under the favourable influence of number 9 therefore those that work in the mentioned sectors will have a favourable year.

Emotionally 2016 is a pretty interesting year. Since Frog is a traditional sign which leans towards partnership and marriage it is in an ideal opposition with Salamander, which creates harmony in the circle of destiny, we could conclude that many Frogs expect a turbulent year with numerous chances for new love. Fatal love is possible and for those that are married opens an especially positive period to bring in change and freshness in a monotonous relationship. Partner which is older and more dominant will mark this year for the Frogs.

When it comes to health focus should be placed on the nerves throughout the entire year. Feeling of fatigue and decline in immunity will be the main culprits for members of this sign.

22/01/2016 22:54