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In 2016the members of this sign can expect that a bigger part of the year will be pretty stable and with that the most important condition is created to successfully end some yearlong issues which have never, because of some occupations and obligations, been solved. Since love life is often the largest source of frustrations and unhappiness of a Warrior, positive influence which is spread by year number nine will improve friendships and love relationships. In the period from January to May, Warrior will be located in the period of decisions, therefore significant life changes are probable, including moving.

During the summer until mid-Autumn issues in communicating with others will be evident, therefore one should avoid creating new business, signing contracts or buying real estate. Or at least one should take great caution and not make hasty decisions. During the year the warrior, especially younger ones, will have the opportunity to do business or attend school abroad, which certainly opens up new opportunities and possibilities. Solving old court disputes as well as administrative issues is evident during 2016 for all the members of this sign.

During the year there is a pronounced danger from injury at the work place or at home, therefore caution is advised. Take care of the stomach and digestion.

22/01/2016 22:54