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2016 in and of itself, according to the circle of destiny, is the year of Grandma, therefore we can conclude that this is a period of all those born in the time of her rule, from 15.03. to 15.04. You will be more determined and bring decisions easier than usual, people can expect initiative from you to solve certain issues. This will cause small earthquakes in your private and business life. In this year the sign Grandma will have the possibility to go from one extreme to the other, which is not the best solution for a sign which leans towards harmony, therefore all that excess energy would be best directed at gaining new knowledge or business skills. Or, which is more logical, one should take up exercise or sport. Year number nine can bring radical changes to this sign than the ones they're expecting, so keep in mind that during spring and summer major decisions are to be avoided. You will try to be interesting and seductive to your partner, which you will mostly succeed in. Though, don't push things, because you will create an opposite effect.

In this year the circle of destiny highlights the tendency and need to Grandma for something new, which doesn't have to be in according to the standard thinking patterns of this sign. Start in the beginning with small changes such as changing the hair style. Issues with body weight are classic issues, which usually results in "swallowing emotions", inability to say loud and clear what is bothering you. Issues with urinary canals are evident, inflammations and headaches.

22/01/2016 22:53