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In this year persons born under the sign of the Grandfather can expect a lot of positive influence which will create a positive climate for change. However, 2016. is the time which brings emphasis to severity and discipline, which is an indicator that time has come to uproot things and make changes. Of course, when we are talking about changes we shouldn't forget that character changes are desirable, tied to changing attitudes and leaning towards flexibility.

March is the first month in 2016 which has a stronger influence on the Grandfather, it brings him into the past and forces him to revitalize all those relationships which complicated his life. This is the time to right wrongs which were done, forgive or ask forgiveness from someone, renew a broken relationship, and especially to normalise relationships inside the family. Business wise the year brings many challenges which do not exclude dramatic events, degradation or loss of some current benefits, therefore wisdom is recommended. During this year creative energy is rising and it will be good to use it for business ideas and plans. This is also a chance for independence, conducting business projects which do not require a lot of investment.

When we are talking about emotions this is definitely one of the better years for numerous members of this sign, it will emphasize seriousness in love relationships, strengthening relationships and understanding of partners. All those disappointments experienced in previous periods could be healed with new love relationships in this year.

Tendency to stress, nervousness and fatigue is pronounced. Thorax and head are sensitive points on the body and are potential places where the Grandfather could have health issues with during 2016.

22/01/2016 21:28