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During 2016 the sign Pigeon is located in a dynamic surrounding of other signs in the circle of destiny which are accentuated, and in such an inharmonious surrounding the Pigeon will be subjected to stress, especially in the light part of the year, from May to October. But, as we are talking about a sign which has an inborn ability of regeneration, it will endure all turbulences well, especially business ones. Sudden shifts in career are likely, change of work or sudden desire for larger independence is also possible, which could in the end result in numerous members of this sign thinking about their own business.

During 2016 numerous members of this sign will be magnetically attractive. As their sign-guide in this year is the Snake, it will bring them charisma and attractiveness, which they will know how to utilise. Numerous Pigeons will not resist the temptation of short-lived adventures with which they could cause crises in current relationships. For those single, 2016 is the period of new love which have the tendency to lead them to the marriage register.

But, all is not perfect in their lives, especially when we are talking about health. Sensitive points are the spine, prostate, reproductive organs and the tendency towards infections and inflammations of all sorts. Individual surgeries are evident, which cannot be avoided or put off.

22/01/2016 21:28