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Persons born under the sign of Linden in 2016 will often come across obstacles in the way of their plans. This will certainly exhaust them and take away a lot of energy, and there is a possibility that diseases may crop up often, due to increased nervousness and stress. That's why the circle of destiny suggests to all members of this sign to take more care of themselves, and to even change their current life styles. Throughout the entire year sensitivity which leads towards sudden outbursts, anger or crying are pronounced.

The area of partnerships is conveniently accentuated, and in partnering up with others they could achieve very good business results. This is the year in which all those born under the sign of the Linden will have a chance to advance through education, and acquisition of new skills and knowledge. The darker part of the year, from October to May is a positive period for the Linden in all those life areas where they could show their full potential with their knowledge and talent.

In love life surprises are possible but also disappointments, especially those Linden's which are in an emotional relationship with a person born under the sign of the Grandmother. The light part of the year, from May to October, is excellent for introduction and realisation of new relationships. But, those relationships won't last long.

Children born under the sign of the Linden in 2016 will be more emotional and artistically talented.



Persons born under this sign, 2016 will bring stability which will be reflected through business but also love life - self-confidence will be strengthened, which can result in a raise. On the emotional plan 2016 to numerous Salamander's is a year of partnership, and a relationship which starts during this period could be long-term. June, July and August are months when shorter periods which bring issues in the family are possible, lighter diseases and smaller financial losses. Certain stagnation is present in the above mentioned months and it would be wise to use them for rest and recreation, in order to have enough energy for a dynamic Autumn. The end of the year brings to numerous Salamanders relocation, change of job but also issues with superiors and it is advised to take things easy.



For Rue 2016 will be restless and confusing - desire for change will be in stark opposition with the desire for security and everyday routine. This will certainly be energy draining for members of this sign and frequent headaches are possible, insomnia or decline in immunity. To all those under the sign of the Rue who are living in incompatible relationships, this year will bring review and the need for breaking up such a relationship and sudden decision and break ups are possible. On the business plan difficulties with colleagues or the boss in the first half of the year. End of summer brings refreshment when it comes to communication with others and with that a change in working atmosphere. You will be depressed since your creativity will not be pronounced but November and December will allow you a period when you could prove yourself and shine. You should certainly use it.



For most people born under this sign, 2016 will be a year in which they will leave a negative period behind. For the dragon, this then is a year for maturity and above all acceptance of himself. You will stop obsessing over the past and mistakes which you made. You will realise that it is time to move on. It is possible that such a process will have an effect on your love life and you will finally start taking what is best for you out of your relationships. Need for sensuality, eroticism and romance announces a renaissance in love, especially during the summer. You have spent and exhausted yourself in the previous period, business wise, you are tired of proving others and you finally want to make things easier for yourself. Business partnerships are possible but also change of work, especially during spring and autumn. Many Dragon's will lose a close person which will leave a deep imprint on them. You must relax, and stop being a perfectionist. Expect health issues with the stomach, lungs and feet.


Bosnian numerology - human destiny in numbers

We live in a world of numbers. Literally, our every moment is predestined by them, therefore numbers one way or another constantly determine our faith, both individual and group. Numbers identify us, predetermine and guide. Qualify our luck and potentials. They are a symbol of time, all energy which rests in the infinitude of numbers is contained within them. Numbers denote how long our physical bodies exist, when certain important actions took place on a material level, and often it seems to us that it is their only purpose. But, it isn't like that. Remember, we are all different, there is no twin or physical doppelganger who can think identically and act like the one he wishes to copy. Yet, we are connected by various similarities since people are energies which permeate, match or repel each other.

We are all functioning on the principle of order, since energy, if it doesn't have its determined channels, dissipates and gets lost. For this reason even the oldest world myths state that there was once a disorder i.e. a lot of energy was dispersed throughout the universe, unconnected and unusable. Then the creators thought of bringing all that energy in order, give it a concrete meaning and shape. It is interesting that during that the forces of creation were of a smaller numerical range than the one they were up against, nonetheless the conflict itself spurred an action of unification and creation of harmony from which life sprung up. Even the name "ordinal numbers" tell us that they were created to bring order, they are sorted in such a way that every following number is stronger and larger yet in spite of that it cannot exist without the weaker ones, which precede them. This suggests to us that energy which is of a smaller volume always creates or moves the larger one. Ancient rule of the universe.


Answer for everything is inside of us

Coincidence in human lives do not exist! Everything that happens to us has its sense and concrete meaning. If we are here, on planet Earth, then it means that we are here on a specific mission which we must fulfil. Out of that fact we can easily conclude that neither our date of birth is a coincidence, but is positioned to an appropriate place. This is our start position whose numbers are not only a register of birth but an information about us, our character, potential, flaws and virtues. If we manage to decipher them correctly and order them we will manage to understand ourselves, realised through life which is the most important thing - be happy and content.

Scientists determined that based on extensive research, life circumstances affect luck by only 10% (1), for about 50% (5) genetics is to blame, while the remaining 40% (4) our mind plays a major role, i.e. how they interpret our everyday lives. Why am I mentioning these stats? For a simple reason - every change flows from us! And in order for it to take place we must be aware of ourselves, our flaws and virtues, in order to accept them and in the end use them to our advantage. Generally, it doesn't sound like something unattainable. But, here awaits our first issue.

People are more and more prone to blaming bad karma and debt that they carry for their failures. Karmic debt doesn't refer to the entire human life but only to one period or even one event i.e. person, and it is represented in the numerical card by number 1 - which is a symbol of heritage. It is a starting number and it appears in the numerological circle right behind number 9 which is a symbol of foetus and new life. In Bosnian numerology number 1 is a symbol of luck (nafaka), whose symbology was determined towards traditional beliefs that God himself (number 1 i.e. monotheism) bestowed luck to humans. Will we know how to use this luck is primarily up to us, our mind and subconscious, better yet, our thoughts and thinking patterns.


How numbers are analysed

Numbers are analysed in various ways, they have numerous meanings and reveal events both in an individual's life as well as worldly events. Of course, everything that I say here is only a small fraction of a large mantic discipline called numerology. There are dozens of systems of interpretation and analysis which are based on various directions and every one of them have their quality and uniqueness. But, you have the opportunity to read something about Bosnian numerology which in certain segments of interpretation differs significantly from the classic one based on astrology. Roots of Bosnian numerology are found, first of all, in the mantic discipline of bean divination, which is in turn based on a numerological division of the number of beads in horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions and the circle of destiny i.e. Bosnian horoscope. A smaller portion of knowledge about numerology comes from traditional and religious beliefs, which in a subtle way are complemented with dominant segments of favomancy and horoscope signs.

When analysing someone's date of birth, then all numbers are reduced to single digit numbers, for example, for someone born on 10.11.1947. we calculate in the following way:

1+1+1+1+9+4+7=24, 2+4=6. Six in Bosnian numerology is the number of the mother which is overly dominant or passive, it always represents a problematic relationship which lacks emotions or we're talking about a dominant parent who is the main culprit of insecurity and complexes. If number 8 appears as the final number then we are talking about the father. Then this information is tied and combined with all those represented by the numbers in five rows and in such a way one reveals potential and weaknesses of an individual; and detect areas of success, harmony, etc. What is particularly important is the analysis of numbers which are missing or which are too pronounced. That numerological deformation creates unnecessary loss of energy or blocks the individual in certain life areas and creates great difficulties for him. A unique method called "movement of numbers" was found very successful in treating the issue of bringing a person into harmony, who has pronounced numbers or missing numbers. We will discuss this technique later.


Number 1

Person whose final number is 1 has very good chances of succeeding in life, especially if we take into account that this is the first of single digit numbers and by that has priority over the others. They attract luck and if they're wise enough and gauged they can achieve meaningful life achievements, especially in their career. They're full of energy and feisty. But, that energy is often times raw and makes them stubborn, rigid, takes away their patience and understanding. It is difficult for them to compromise. They prefer others adjusting to them. They love to dominate both in their love and business relationships. Energy wise they deplete quickly therefore in number 1 we have the largest numbers of energy vampires.

Number 1 has the bad luck that despite all of their character qualities they can easily become lonely.

Their head is often "in the clouds" with a tendency to cause unnecessary issues for themselves with their impulsive nature. The thing which makes the weaker side of their character is the tendency towards anger, egoism, narcissism but also stinginess. Many of them spend a good part of their life living in illusions and delusions. The need for loneliness is not strange to them, they fall into a depression or distance themselves from others. Number 1 rules over the spine, nose and penis.

Number 1 according to its shape is in the form of the Arabic letter Elif (Aleph), it is symbolised by the mighty sword of hazrat Alija, the successor of the last messenger of God, Muhammad, and as such this number represents, besides leadership and beginning, heredity, legacy of any form. Number of religion, i.e. monotheism.

One is after all number of the start of war, conflict, but also supports the creation of a quasi movement, fanaticism, terrorism, in the period where number 1 is accentuated, revolutionary ideas are born.


Number 2

Person whose final number when summing the date of birth is 2 is after all simple, of a peaceful nature, is not intrusive. Possesses incredible mental strength. The thing that adorns them is pride, certain graciousness and observance of their principles. BY nature they are loyal persons, emotional connection is extremely important to them as well as stability in the relationship. They're often not prone to big words nor too much communication, but they are very intelligent people, whose intellect and capability, unfortunately, often times are left unutilised. In life this person is often opposing itself, in doubts and suspicions. As a result of such thinking he can easily become a braggart, unreliable partner, a suspicious person which sees conspiracy and intrigue against him, in all things. That's why it has a tendency towards exaggeration. It can become rancorous, defiant and stubborn. Often they are persons that have the issue of connection with reality.

Number two rules over the neck, spine and knees, which are usually weak points of people born under this number.

Number 2 is the number of the universe, dualism. Two top principles contained in the Bogomil teachings about the god of good and god of evil. This numbers besides partnership, connection, connectivity, also represents a state, state service, especially court and police, army. In its adverse meaning 2 marks large catastrophes, regime changes, earthquakes and floods. It also signifies rulers from the shadow, hidden powerful individuals.


Number 3

Persons whose final date of birth is the number 3 are by default prone to complicate their lives, often times they have difficulties to come to fruition, they would always want something but wouldn't know themselves what it is. They often have the need to lie and act, especially women. They strive to be productive, because of the desire to be noticed, which is a reflection of lack of confidence, self control but also a sign of superficiality.

They're emphatically emotional, fall in love easily and enjoy the attention that a partner provides. Person of this number is capable of sacrifice and to become the pillar of the person which it loves. However, egoism is not strange to them since they allow themselves a certain freedom in their relationship or marriage, which is not approved by their partner. They have a fear of loneliness. They're fertile.

People that have this number are often successful at work, a career is very important to them. Actually, money gives them a feeling of safety, to which they strive constantly. They like to be independent, especially in business. Their negative characteristics are lack of understanding, empathy, unfaithfulness, pliability. A lower type of person under the number 3 is prone to lying, pretending, domination.

Three is a number of a man - he possesses spirit, soul and body. This number represents public institutions, political parties, announces large rallies or protests, especially if it is in the vicinity of a negative number.


Number 4

Persons whose final sum number of date of birth is 4 are in a constant silent fight with the desire for freedom and change and traditional life. This makes them frustrated and causes sudden mood swings with them. Through life they often come across limitations which they unconsciously impose on themselves. Their love relationships end suddenly and painfully. They enter relationships without too much thinking, they're prone to self-deception, which often ends up in being disappointed in their partner. They're temperamental and passionate. They're highly sensitive of criticism and experience them emotionally. Yet, in this number wisdom is pronounced which comes with experience and time. For this reason they become a backbone and support for others. They love their home which they always refurbish or decorate. Care for the family is imperative for them, but they are immoderate, and there lies the source of their unhappiness since over time they get tired and become depressed.

Four is the number of energy, vitality and our libido. It signifies human consciousness. Symbolises the house, family, every type of space, material possession. It is the number of nature and the Grand Mother.

In negative connotation this number restricts, and represents a prison, dungeon, camp, hospital, loss of freedom, the right to chose, is a sign of trauma, domination, etc. Period in which this number is extremely strong causes an increased number of murders, suicides and various excesses.


Number 5

Five is the number which is graphically depicted "in motion" which immediately suggests that persons whose final sum number of birth is 5 are prone to movement and travel. This is a number which is represented by a hard straight line, in the upper part, and a soft flexible half-circle in the lower part, and for that reason exactly, persons of this number affect differently others compared to how they actually are. Most of them at first glance look serious, distanced or authoritative but when one gets to meet them it is easy to see that they are approachable well meaning persons. Similarly, a person whose final number is 5 is resourceful, flexible, often eloquent. Loves to learn and acquire new knowledge. They're emotional and prone to sacrifice themselves for their partner and family.

Five is the number of inwardness, everything that is in the middle, represents the womb, internal organs, a people of a country. It represents our ancestors, genes. In the negative connotation number 5 causes diseases, injuries, emotional crises. It creates pressure, stress and pushes in the negative connotation. This number is the symbol of warning - it appears prior to large events and disasters. That's why it is called "the number of destiny". Symbolises periods of scarcity and hunger and with that economic crises.


Number 6

Six is the number represented "falling" which signalises that persons whose final sum of the date of birth is 6 spend too much energy or time on things or individuals which are not worth it. Their trajectory is clear and direct and reveals how stubborn they are and that finally they're missing a desire for general change. They're not dedicated to everything that is important in their life with the same zest and they can often be sloppy. That's why they don't have a lot interests in life. They're picky and petty. Unsure of themselves but they're trying to hide it as best as they can from others. Fear is their main problem, it often complicates their entire life, and drags them away from concrete changes. That's why they're usually unhappy and dissatisfied. They're emotional. Often their emotional side is more pronounced than their sexual side.

Six is a graphically upturned number nine and that's why in Bosnian numerology it represents upheaval, betrayal, sudden changes, periods of uncertainty, and in its negative symbolism it represents connection with the lower world, death, miscarriage, surfacing of everything negative and bad, bad mouthing. Part of the decisions made in this period often prove to be very bad. It is the number of aggression which when summed with 5 (6+5 i.e. aggression plus people) becomes number 11 - convicted mover of disasters which surely change the picture of the world but also society in its entirety.


Number 7

Persons whose final number is 7 will have to face painful events throughout their lives, losses and disappointments, but it won't be in vain since it will bring them deserved happiness and peace. For people born under this number, lying is not an issue, they do it often when they believe it is necessary, whether in their private or business lives. But, they rarely do it out of a negative intent, instead they do it to make things easier for themselves. Their biggest weak point is - insecurity, they always think that they're not good enough or that they haven't done something the best they could. They're suspicious and jealous but despite that, noble and charming. They attract people, are emotional and are prone to deep emotions. Also through love, they're followed by struggle, whether through painful break ups or incompatible partners. Devotion towards partner and family is one of their traits. They're sentimental. A thing that is specific for number 7 is that it always represents past or future but sometimes the present as well. This is why people with this number are not interested in their present, they usually either live in the past or they are exclusively oriented towards the future.

Similarly this is a number of change, represents foreign lands, foreigners, a person born abroad, but also new ideas, differences. Seven is the number of intuition. It represents time, which brings new knowledge and wisdom with it. Thus, number 7 is the number of life, human destiny.

Negative meaning of number seven is revenge, huge affairs, manipulation, redrawing history, appearance of bad politicians and leaders. Represents mountains, skyscrapers, sky, trees, birds, rockets, airplanes.


Number 8

Person whose final number is number 8 is extremely resilient, can bear numerous difficulties and pressures, but, besides people under this number have a flaw in that they have a hard time changing themselves i.e. coming to terms with life changes. Eight is the number of the subconscious, our fears, complexes, frustrations and makes the person nervous and destructive. Their flaw is that all negative things are suppressed in themselves i.e. they have a hard time opening up emotionally. That's why they are moody. But, similarly, 8 is the symbol of sex, life energy and libido. It loves to seduce and be seduced. They're possessive. Adventurous. They often have more than one marriage. They can be charming, ingratiate themselves to others or pretend that they are better than they actually are. They have a hard time with critiques, but they have an incomprehensible need to criticise others. Their positive sides are that they love company, fun, communication. When something really interests them they give themselves a 100% and achieve great success.

As the graphic representation of the number are two connected zeroes, with these persons you never know where you are. Eight is the number of villages, small places, highways, waterways, islands. Negative meaning of the number is reflected in assassinations, political coups, poisoning, secret societies, deception of the public, media.


Number 9

Persons born under this number are capable and energetic. Most of them are responsible, but also poignant. They're economic and are good with money. Nine is the number of polyglots, people that have an affinity towards languages or generally communication with others. This is why 9 represents diplomacy, deals, contracts. They're sociable. They love to be noticed in company and always strive towards gaining some status. They're passionate, dynamic, and love to be on the move. They have a tendency to get overly attached for a person that they care for. But, they're not spared of some characteristics that lead to loss of energy and which deplete mental strength, such as stubbornness and naivety.

By its appearance number nine resembles a foetus and is therefore a symbol of a child, birth and new life. Designates cycles, teaches us patience and discipline. This is why number nine carries huge energy within itself. In the period when it dominates, starting a new business would be ideal. It denotes the older generation. It rules over agriculture and everything that brings food. When it is in a positive atmosphere of other numbers, number 9 brings prosperity to some country, new investments, investment in renewable energy sources. Bad characteristics of this number are indulging to vices, crime, war profiteering, prostitution, narcotics. In nine a system crash is easy to come by, crash of a company or the concept of living.


Five elements and the division of numbers

Numbers from 1-9 are divided into four elements and a final fifth, which is universal since it unifies the others, connects them into a five-pointed star which represents the human body with five protruding limbs - head, arms and legs.

Air: 1, 2

Fire: 3, 4

Water: 5, 6

Earth: 7, 8

Star: 9

Element air: persons with air numbers often have a high opinion of themselves, they are vain, get offended quickly, headstrong which all together makes them extremely negative an vulnerable. They're mostly emotional but stubborn and they can go against their own interest. They're moody, prone to change their decisions. They have a hard time giving something up as well as to come to terms with break ups or injustice.

Element fire: though this is a symbol of passion and energy it is often a sign of shallowness, therefore people born in number 3 and 4 have a large issue when it comes to experiencing real emotions and feelings, for which they suffer. They're prone to show off in front of others, they have a competitive nature, provocative, they show off unconsciously through sex, they're prone to sudden outbursts of anger and domination.

Element water: persons born in numbers of water have an extremely priceless gift - feeling deep emotions and feelings, which can often present a real curse and bad luck if they don't have harmonized numbers in the numerological card. This is why these persons can often get emotionally blocked. As their element, person with numbers of water search for their place under the sky their entire lives a place where they will be safe and stable. The negative side of the water element is fear and uncertainty.

Element earth: persons with numbers 7 and 8 strive for stability, to stand firmly on the ground. They're rational, practical and objective. Negative side of their element is that there is a possibility for them to be separated from reality, or that they don't have a realistic picture of themselves and others, similarly, a stubbornness is present which leads to auto destructiveness, just like an earthquake. Earth gives fruit so too they like to take care of others, be creative and create.

Element star: number nine i.e. star is the symbol of the soul, while the four elements make the parts of the human body. Through the star in the middle of the forehead, according to the Illyrian-Bosnian belief, humans are connected to their star in the sky (universe). Exactly for the above mentioned those born under this number have a strong need for connection with others. This represents a certain handicap for them since they become uncertain, sometimes they have difficulty accepting themselves, they're trying to get lauds, fulfil others expectations. They're adorned by naivety, nine is like 8 "movable" number i.e. it can become 6 while eight when it is turned around stays the same, at least at first sight.

Matching numbers

Though there is a extensive analysis of numbers, there is a pretty simple table of matching and mismatches between numbers. According to it numbers 1, 4, 7 match numbers 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9. There is no harmony between 1-7, 2-5, 3-8, 6-9. The most desirable partner is a person born under the number 5. Those persons are adorned by an important characteristic - they're adjustable.


Numerological card

To make a numerological card of a person, according to Bosnian numerology, it is necessary to know the following data: date of birth, first and last name of the client, name of the father and mother. Let's take this example: Admir Okanović, born 12.3.1987, mother Sibila, father Arman.

Date of birth: 1+2+3+1+9+8+7=31/4

Admir Okanović - 14499 62156493 = number of the name is 27/9, number of last name 36/9

Sibila - 1+9+2+9+3+1 = 25/7. We're counting number 7+9 (last name) = 16/7


Arman - 1+9+4+1+5 = 2 = /2. We're counting number 2+9 (last name) = 11/2


First row: 3 3 7

Second row: 9 9 9

Third row: 7 9 7

Fourth row: 2 9 2

Fifth row: 4 9 9 (first row is 4, second row is 9 = 13/4. Then, third row is 23/5 and fourth row is 13/4 = 9.






Numbers which are missing: 1, 5, 6, 8.

Accentuated numbers: 9, 7, 3, 2

Numbers which are missing

Those numbers which are missing i.e. which are missing in the five rows of numerological card are called "missing numbers" and they point to a lack of some characteristics or even lack in character traits of the person. Revealing those important details suggests what is necessary for that person to harmonise better. Similarly, missing numbers warn us about important lessons which that person needs to learn in order to pass through certain experiences, or which habits it should develop. This all has a goal to complete the personality, activating those segments of the personality which are missing on the road of self awareness and achieving a good quality of life.

Accentuated numbers

In five numerical rows there is often an iteration of same numbers or more of them. Those are accentuated numbers which de-stabilize someone's character and lead him into an extreme. All of this, of course, is not productive at all and often represents an issue for the person since accentuated numbers dominate in their character. Examining the numerical card we detect problematic numbers and we are looking for a way to marginalize their influence in order for the other numbers/characteristics to come to the fore and so enrich the life of that individual.


Curing with numbers

Date of birth but also first and last names which we were given at birth are more than identification data. In these apparently simple data are stored all of our character traits but also weaknesses, which we carry with ourselves throughout our lives and which, logically, determine our way of life. The thing that makes studying personal data special is its use for very practical purposes. But, in order to know how to bring into harmony good and bad sides of your personality we have to first detect them through certain numeric methods.

Each number which is accentuated in a numerological card or is dominant takes the largest percentage of our energy and creates an imbalance thereby, loss of harmony, which is then reflected on our physical and mental state, which then inevitably further affects all areas of our lives. Accentuated number or numbers, either positive or negative, always create inharmonious flow of energy which blocks us in certain life areas.

Number 6 in Bosnian numerology is connected to fear, a large percentage of people whose final number is 6 have a chronic issue of uncertainty, being scared, tendency to withdraw oneself, and in serious cases, especially with negative numbers, cause addiction or mental illnesses. Fear and stress are the greatest enemies of the modern man and main causes of blocked energy. It is known that the body of a person exposed to long term stress, especially emotional issues, becomes depleted of energy and an ideal ground for diseases. It has already been scientifically confirmed that emotionally destabilised women have issues with their menstrual cycles, and with those that have problematic marriages myomas tend to occur in a larger percentage than with women that don't have such issues. Similarly, it has been determined that even ovarian cysts have been linked to fears, etc.



Bosnian numerology gave birth to a unique method of healing which is called "movement of the numbers" or "numerical movement" which is based on the principle of activation of positive energy through numbers, especially those which we are lacking in our numerological card, or generally energy row which harmonises the human body and releases it of stress and other negativity.

1: issues with the sinuses, spine, impotence, helps create a feeling of tolerance, restores lost energy.

2: creates humility, peace, prevents outbursts of rage, helps with communication issues.

3: issues with obesity, emotional hunger, frustration.

4: closed up, blocked, impossibility to realise things and act at a 100%.

5: helps make things happen, we become brave, improves circulation, raises immunity.

6: fear, mental issues.

7: uncertainty, restless, rejection.

8: need for harmony, adjustment. Focus on oneself, self awareness.

9: helps with infertility, recovering from surgery, some accident, spreads peace and love.

Example - persons which have number 4 in their date of birth or pronounced in the numerical card suffer from constipation more often than the people that don't have this number. Main culprit is the number 4 which represents a block and restriction. Besides, 4 is the number of lazy people, those among whom theory is more pronounced than practice. To cure constipation and generally being blocked, there is a need to perform a simple ritual which I shall describe later on.

In Bosnian tradition all movements of the body which are performed "following the sun" or clockwise are meant to summon positive energy directly and with that we begin the training of harmonization: we sit on a chair, with our backs straight, hands in free fall (lowered) and then we move our body in a circular motion clockwise. The focus is on the stomach and pelvis, at the exact part of the body which regulates digestion and constipation.

Remember, our body and our mind do not like the words "I must", it is an extremely negative word and should be replaced forever by "I should", "it would be good if I", "it's possible", etc. Each thing that creates pressure has a negative effect on us. This is the reason why I didn't write how many times you should repeat the exercises nor for how long. You will discover it for yourselves. Sometimes it will be shorter and sometimes longer, it is important that it is according to your inner feeling since the meaning of harmonising with energy and releasing everything that is bad is to establish a connection to oneself.


Exercise "movement of the numbers"

1: stand straight, with legs joined together, hands alongside the body, with head lowered. This number rules the nose, spine, legs, and with men the penis. Breathe and exhale through the nose.

2: sit on your knees, place your palms on your knees, look straight. Close eyes and relax shoulders.

3: stand with legs joined, place hands on hips, so that they for the letter V. Here the lungs and the heart are accentuated. Stay focused on that part of the body.

4: sit on a chair, hands beside the body, connect the legs. Move the body in circles, clockwise.

5: extend both hands in a straight line and slightly bend connected legs. Breathe in and exhale through the mouth, blow it out towards the outstretched hands.

6: sit on your knees, place both palms on the stomach and slightly lower your head. Hands should be alongside the body, close to the stomach. Breathe evenly and stay in this position until you feel your body is relaxed.

7: stand straight, legs connected, extend hands forward in a straight line and bend the body backwards a bit. The stress is on the thighs and backside. Stand in this position until you feel these body parts have relaxed.

8: sit on your knees, raise both hands above your head, in a shape of a circle, hands touching each other with the tips of the fingers.

Small eight is connecting the index finger and thumb on both hands, so that a small circle is formed by both hands, those two circles are then connected so that all four fingers are touching. This is my favourite position which places your head, mind and subconscious mind in the epicentre which creates the effect of harmony. In this position we become aware of ourselves.

9: foetal position. We often take this position while sleeping and that's why it represents number nine (star).

Nine with which the star element rules over is the position which we all subconsciously assume while we sleep, especially if we are pressured by issues or disease. It is the position of a foetus, which gives us the feeling of peace and security. But, this position represents regeneration and health since it is in direct connection with the star. While we are sleeping the body is relaxing and the spirit (subconscious) takes control over us. This is a completely normal process since without it there would be no possibility for the body to connect with the fifth element and we would be left without energy, which would create a complete collapse.

However, the position of the star is also the one when we are standing with our feet and hands parted while looking straight. This is one of the best positions which we can assume and with which we are opening ourselves, freeing ourselves, we are filled with the feeling of freedom and we are charging ourselves with positive thoughts and energy. It is especially good to perform the mentioned position on top of a hill, mountain or at least on a balcony.

In everyday life we should avoid moving backwards, since such movement, disturbs energy of the star and disharmonises it. Such walk is called a "backwards nine", we perform such movements when we are scared, which means blocked by negative emotion. The things that are important when exercising in order to achieve the desired results are the following facts: 1. Exercises should be repeated regularly, best immediately in the morning after waking up or in the evening before going to sleep. 2. Stop obsessing with other people's lives, success and failures. The biggest loss of energy and also blocking oneself is exactly such behaviour. It is extremely worrisome that 95% show twice as much interest for someone else's life then their own. Isn't it a scary realization that people spend their entire lives without getting to know themselves, they don't pay enough attention to themselves, and that's why they become an inexhaustible source of frustrations and complexes. And, of course, disease? Facebook is not and cannot be important, sine it stupefies, creates an egoistic cult of ME, and fools individuals, so that the person becomes shallow and focused on unimportant things! 3. Give alms, help the misfortunate, as much as you are capable in terms of money and time. This returns us to ourselves and calls positive energy.



Zmaj je dvanaesti znak u bosanskom horoskopu koji vlada u periodu od 15.septembra do 15.oktombra. Kod Ilira zmaj je smatran božanstvom a u bosanskoj mitologiji opisuje se kao velika zmija sa krilima koja može imati seksualni odnos sa ženama iz kojeg se rađa mladunče zmaja poznato pod nazivom snijet. Zmija i zmaj predstavljaju dva osnovna načela Univerzuma - dobro i zlo, život i smrt, stvaranje i razaranje te upravo zbog toga zauzimaju prvo i zadnje mjesto u krugu sudbine.

Pozicija zadnjeg znaka u bosanskom horoskopu nije nimalo slučajna jer u mitologiji zmija odnosno zmaj pravi vegetacijski krug plodnosti tako što izlazi iz zemlje kroz vodu zatim leti zrakom i opet ulazi u zemlju kroz neku rupu na drugoj lokaciji. U periodu dok vlada ovaj znak krug sudbine se usporava, kako bi završio svoj ciklus i vratio se na početak.

Osobe rođene u periodu vladavine Zmaja poznati su po tome što sve rade polako i bez žurbe. Zbog toga se u njima akumulira velika energija koja, ako se usmjeri u pravom smjeru može dovesti do velikih promjena. Ono što krasi ovaj znak jeste njihova iskrenost, koja ponekad zna biti pogrešno interpretirana.

Zmaj je strastveni ljubavnik koji često nema kontrolu nad svojim emocijama. Sklon je iznenadnom zaljubljivanju pa je stoga česta žrtva ljubavnih razočaranja. Muškarci ovog znaka svoju partnericu doslovno žele ukrotiti, podčiniti je sebi, ali njihov odnos u kasnijoj fazi veze ili braka nije dominantan. Zapravo, oni su partneri koji žele skladan i ravnopravan odnos, i ukoliko ga postignu postaju vjerni i odani. Žene ovog znaka su naglašeno emotivne te zbog toga spremne na popuštanje i pristajanje na brojne ustupke.

U poslu Zmaj je uporan i motiviran. Kada započne neki novi posao on u početku ne daje sve od sebe već mu je potrebno neko određeno vrijeme da pokaže svoj potencijal. On je biće kreacije, posjeduje umjetnički nagon te stoga ljudi ovog znaka mogu postići veliki uspjeh u poslovima koji se tiču dizajna, novih inovacija i istraživanja.

Osobe ovog znaka vrlo često su dobrog zdravlja mada su kao i svi drugi ljudi podložni pojedinim bolestima. Osjetljiva tačke na tijelu su usta, mišići, vene. Imaju slabu cirkulaciju.

Rođeni u ovom znaku iako na kraju bosanskog kruga sudbine imaju najtežu ulogu jer kroz život moraju u sebi upaliti baklju duhovnosti, uzdići se iznad materijalnih stvari i posvetiti zdravom načinu života kako bi istovremeno pripremili duh i tijelo za što jednostavniji prelazak u oslobođenje. To zahtjeva sposobnost praštanja, kako sebi tako i drugima, plemenitost i empatiju. Zbog toga ovaj zadatak nosi brojne poteškoće i zamke te mnogi umjesto da uspješno završe ciklus vraćaju se na početak kruga.


Slaganje Zmaja sa ostalim znakovima bosanskog horoskopa

Zmaj – Zmija: predispozicije ovog para za ostvarenje ljubavne sreće su izuzetno povoljne, pošto im je i životna energija slična. Kako je riječ o zadnjem i prvog znaku kruga sudbine, kada se dešava postepeni kraj i početak, oba partnera su sklona postepenom djelovanju. Pritisak je jedino što ih tjera na bržu akciju. Njihova ljubav u početku je svakako platonska a tek nakon nekog vremena počinje se realizirati. Oni su strastveni ljubavnici, posesivni, skloni kritikama, povlačenju u sebe. Znaju biti tvrdoglavi, što im stvara povremene krize u zajedničkom životu.

Zmaj – Lastavica: mada ne pripadaju naročito harmoničnim znakovima, ovi partneri mogu kroz razumijevanje i toleranciju postići skladnu vezu. Mnogo je povoljnija kombinacija kada je muškarac rođen u znaku Lastavice a žena u znaku Zmaja, pošto se tada dolazi lakše do kompromisa. Bez obzira na relativno često drugačije životne poglede i interese partneri ovih znakova teže ka zajedništvu jer se nesigurni i ne vole biti sami.

Zmaj – Trešnja: ako je u ovoj ljubavnoj kombinaciji muškarac rođen u znaku Zmaja a žena u znaku Trešnje, tada je početak veze intezivan, čak pomalo fatalan, dok sa vremenom određene nepremostive karakterne razlike utječu na stvaranje monotonije, nerazumijevanja pa i razlaz. Osoba rođena u znaku Trešnje, bez obzira na svoju relativno mirnu narav, tvrdoglava je i buntovna te se ne može lako pomiriti sa stanjem koje joj ne odgovara, pošto joj je fleksibilnost teško shvatljiv pojam. Sa druge strane Zmaj ne voli pritisak ili suprostavljanje onim idejama u koje tvrdoglavo vjeruje, pa vrlo lako dolazi do konflikta.

Zmaj – Žaba: emotivni odnos ova dva znaka može postići kvalitetnu razinu najviše zbog toga što se on bazira na partnerstvu i želji za skladom. Žaba je tolerantan partner, nije joj problem učiniti mnogo toga za svog partnera ako on zadovoljava bar minimun njenih zahtjeva koji su obično želja za stabilnom vezom i iskrenom komunikacijom. Sve to Žaba može pronaći u Zmaju koji uživa u razgovorima i voli sigurnost doma i veze. Možda njih dvoje i nisu toliko kompatibilni kada je u pitanju seks ali njihova urođena emotivnost je izvrstan balans koji ih čini zadovoljnima.

Zmaj – Ratnik: u vezi ova dva znaka prisutna je stalna borba za dominaciju ili želja za dokazivanjem. Sa jedne strane imamo osjećajan a sa druge romantičan znak i prema tome bi vrlo lako mogli zaključiti kako su partneri savršeno harmonični no to je samo jedan od mnogih segmenata odnosa koji zna vrlo često biti komplikovan. Ratnik je partner koji može vrlo lako izigrati povjerenje Zmaja svojim nepromišljenim izjavama ili postupcima. Sa druge strane Zmaj može povrijediti Ratnika svojim egoizmom koji se najčešće pojavljuje ako je Zmaj nezadovoljan sa tretmanom koji mu pruža partner. Zbog toga njihov odnos zahtjeva toleranciju i razumijevanje.

Zmaj – Baba: partneri ove ljubavne kombinacije mogu ostvariti jedan čvrst odnos u kojem možda neće biti čestog pokazivanja nekih velikih strasti i zanosa ali će, umjesto toga, njihov zajednički život biti miran i stabilan. Ovo je jedna od rjetkih ljubavnih kombinacija u kojoj bi znak Baba mogao biti dominantniji partner ili bar onaj partner koji preuzima vodstvo u kriznim trenucima. Zmaj i Baba su emotivni znakovi ali u ovoj ljubavnoj sintezi pomalo nespretni u iskazivanju emocija. Ono što može iritirati Zmaja jeste klasična sklonost Babe ka promjenama raspoloženja.

Zmaj – Did: dva znaka koja se u najvećem broju slučajeva izuzetno dobro slažu i nadopunjavaju, naročito ako vezu čini muškarac rođen u znaku Dida i žena rođena u znaku Zmaja. Iako je tvrdoglavost negativna osobina oba partnera, a ponekad i sklonost ka pretjerivanju, njihove razmirice su kratkotrajne i obično služe za oslobađanje od akumuliranog stresa, no generalno ti sukobi nemaju velike povezanosti sa njihovim odnosom i vezom. Kako bi što bolje funkcionirali potrebna im je određena neovisnost.

Zmaj – Golub: ova dva znaka zajedno predstavljaju kombinaciju dobre komunikacije, erotizma i bliskosti. Dok se u nekim segmentima idealno nadopunjuju poput hedonizma, želje za uživanjem, u drugim se stalno sukobljavaju jer energičnom Golubu često smeta klasična usporenost Zmaja, bilo da se radi o nekom konkretnom potezu ili odluci. A upravo je forsiranje i pritisak ono što Zmaja čini nervoznim i sklonim neugodnim komentarima. No, ipak, njihova veza u velikom broju slučajeva je produktivna, naročito ako je muškarac rođen u znaku Zmaja a žena Goluba.

Zmaj – Lipa: partneri koji imaju dosta zajedničkih osobina poput ležernosti, kojoj su cio život odani, no u nekim su segmentima ponašanja uvelike razlikuju. Kada dođe do nekog problema u vezi Lipa će pokušati na diskretan način ukazati na ono što joj smeta dok je taktika Zmaja sasvim suprotna – jasno i glasno će ispoljiti svioje nezadovoljstvo i uz to optužiti svog partnera za sve ono što mu u tom momentu nije po volji. Ako je muškarac rođen u znaku Zmaja a žena u znaku Lipe, tada on unatoč svojoj dominantnosti postaje nježan ali i posesivan ljubavnik.

Zmaj – Zviždenjak: ova dva znaka često se fizički privlače, pošto je karizmatičnost Zviždenjaka magnetična za Zmaja, čemu svakako doprinosi njegov nastup, koji je obično samo maska, pošto se iza svega toga krije jedna sasvim drugačija osobnost. Ali kako je Zmaj, između ostalog, i pomalo naivan znak, pokazuje neskrivenu slabost prema šarmantnim osobama, te je zato njihova veza od samog početka prožeta emocijama i strašću. Nešto kasnije dolazi do toga da Zmaj postane dominantniji partner, jer kako je ovaj znak pozicioniran na sam kraj svjetlog dijela godine, on se relativno brzo ohladi, prizemlji, i razum nadvlada strast. Njih dvoje su partneri koji vole stvarati zajedničke uspomene i vrlo rado ih evociraju pred drugima.

Zmaj – Sedefil: predstavljaju relativno kompatibilan ljubavni par, unatoč nekim bitnim razlikama poput drugačiji životnih stavova, ali to ipak ne čini veliku zapreku da funkcionišu i da koegzistiraju u stabilnu vezu. Zahvaljujući tome što su ovo predzadnji i zadnji znak svjetlog dijela godine, u kojima se energija prirode usporava, oni se u skladu sa tim podržavaju i uzajamno prožimaju. Naravno, sve to ne prolazi bez manjih ili većih razmirica, neslaganja, ljubomore i naglih obrata. Postiže se kvalitetniji odnos ako je muškarac rođen u znaku Sedefila a žena u znaku Zmaja nego u obrnutom slučaju.

Zmaj – Zmaj: kada se nađu u vezi dva Zmaja oni mogu, uz malo truda, uspostaviti dobar i kvalitetan odnos. Problemi sa kojima bi se mogli susresti jesu želja za dominacijom prema kojoj oba partnera pokazuju afinitet. Emotivnost ali i naglašena seksualnost kojom zrače garancija je dinamične veze prožete ljubomorom, sumnjama i svađama. Da bi imali funkcionalnu vezu svakako moraju odrediti uloge kako bi se neutralisala opasnost od nametanja i forsiranja. Ne vole žuriti niti biti izloženi stresu jer se u takvim situacijima izuzetno loše snalaze. Vole imati tajne, što obavezno rezultira sumnjama i konfliktima u vezi.



Sedefil je jedanaesti znak u bosanskom horoskopu koji dominira u periodu od 15.augusta do 15.septembra. Sedefil je u tradiciji Bosne i Hercegovine povezana sa kultom mrtvih, pa se zbog toga ova biljka sadi na groblju. Osim toga, posjeduje profilaktičke osobine zbog koji se njeno lišće koristi kao amulet protiv urokljivih očiju i crne magije.

Kako je sedefil povezana sa kultom mrtvih, ljudi rođeni u ovom znaku imaju svoju tamnu, skrivenu, stranu ličnosti koja im često kroz život stvara poteškoće. Zbog toga su u mladosti buntovnici, teško se prilagođavaju novim životnim situacijama ali sa vremenom ipak dovedu svoj život u harmoniju. Njima vlada strah i sumnja što im stvara probleme u odnosima sa drugim ljudima. Kako pripadaju u krugu sudbine u svijetli (temperamentni) znak znaju reagirati agresivno kako bi se odbranili od svega onoga sa čime se nisu spremni suočiti. Isto tako, često imaju komplikovan odnos sa jednim od roditelja.

Nesigurnost je prisutna i u ljubavnim odnosima gdje često znaju ispoljavati određenu dozu ljubomore i posesivnosti. Takvo ponašanje ponekad se mješa sa željom za dokazivanjem pa se osoba ovog znaka dovodi u situaciju da flertuje i mijenja partnere. Ipak, kada se zaljubi Sedefl je familijarna te kao roditelj izuzetno brižna prema djeci.

U poslu Sedefil preferira nezavisnost što je idealna osobina za ljude kojima odgovara da vode vlastiti biznis. Za dobru zaradu u stanju su u kratko vrijeme promjeniti nekoliko radnih mjesta. Ono što im je negativna osobina jeste da ne znaju odvojiti privatni život od poslovnog, posebno kada ih muči neki privatni problem vrlo teško funkcioniraju na poslu.

Problemi sa cirkulacijom, probavnim traktom, psihičke bolesti, sklonost povredama su njihove slabe tačke.

Rođeni u ovom znaku prema bosanskom krugu sudbine moraju u jednom dijelu svog života pobjediti sami sebe - promjeniti ključne životne navike i time napredovati na svom putu rasta i sazrijevanja. Skloni su ponavljanju pogrešaka iz prošlog života te su stoga promjene veoma dobrodošle jer kroz njih se smanjuje mogućnost povratka na staro.

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Bosnian circle of destiny

Bosnian horoscope or Bosnian circle of destiny is based on an old division of the year into two parts summer and winter. That is why there is in the horoscope a dualistic division into six signs of light and six signs of darkness which together represent two principles i.e. good and evil and male and female sex. That's why every sign begins within a middle of one and ends in the middle of another month. The length of one sign begins and ends on the 15th of a month at noon exactly.

Sun and moon have a dominant influence over the Bosnian circle of destiny, and they also impact life on our planet the most. Signs over which the moon presides are usually family oriented, more prone to expressing feelings and in an extent more responsible. But we shouldn’t forget in this case the influence of earth itself which can sometimes have a more pronounced influence on people during winter times, even more so than the moon, because during the winter the sky is often covered with thick clouds and the sun and moon are distant i.e. hidden.

Light signs are the complete opposite to the dark ones and that difference is especially evident in their action, inclination to risk, changes and adventures. Strengthening of the sun’s rays, acceleration of the natural rhythm, constant weather changes, or even summer storms, perfectly describe the nature of people born during one of the six light signs. Because of it they are more prone to stress, annoyance, possessiveness, abrupt mood swings.

The names of the signs in the horoscope are not coincidental, they stem from Bosnian mythology arising from the ancient cult of the Grand Mother, whose worship dates from the Neolithic all the way to the Illyrians and until today. Even though the cult influence is not pronounced like during the ancient times it is still present in numerous segments of folk belief and mythological phenomena. The main signs of the horoscope are, the snake and dragon which represent two opposing sides which are at the same time permeate one another but also divide and they signify beginning and the end. They are the alpha and omega of the circle of destiny. In the middle of the circle the position has been taken by Granddad (Did, Djed) and Grandma or Baba, priest of the Bogomils and his wife, which can also be referred to as Illyrian divine couple Vidasus and Thana or solar god and lunar goddess.

In accordance to the dualistic teachings of the Bogomils the Bosnian circle of destiny dealt with both material and spiritual life of individuals, helping them to know themselves and their role in life, and it transformed all that was negative into the positive. That’s why the circle of destiny is nothing more than a Bogomil wheel of reincarnation through which the human soul passes through in order to reach final liberation. On that journey the soul takes both human and animal forms, but also vegetative forms, trying to teach us empathy and need to help one another, no matter what our physical form looks like nor where we come from. From the aspect of Bogomil philosophy each human being seeks liberation from negative elements of their karma in order to experience enlightenment in the end. The main mover of the circle of destiny are human ego, malice, greed, jealousy but also man as a dualistic being has the potential to perceive evil and to cleanse and purify himself of it through specific cycles, and achieve enlightenment. Illustration and the search through signs of the circle of destiny is best explained if we compare it to searching for gold, when the diggers would dig tons and tons of sand in order to find after exhausting work a few pebbles of gold.

Every man carries in himself the characteristics of all signs of the circle of destiny but the most dominant ones are from the sign during whose rain he was born. Also every sign has his own energy, vibration, which forms an individual and introduces into the new cycle. That’s why in the Bosnian horoscope the sign in which one is born represents his starting position from which the soul begins its journey further in the circle of destiny. That circle is physical and spiritual. We can follow it in the material and spiritual level from birth to death – we are born and we grow, we change constantly both physically and mentally, in order for that process to stop on one level and continue on another.

Relationships between people are defined by a basic division to male and female sex and the need for them to be combined in a whole. A large part of that need for a whole is described by the word love, which is as an occurrence the subject of all possible studies from the psychological, endocrinological, all the way to molecular and biochemical. All of these studies fulfilled some parameters, explained certain mechanisms, but did not define the thing in its entirety.

The circle of destiny, as all things in nature, is based on two opposite poles which attract each other. The basics of this division are the two lights - luminaries, Sun and Moon, which represent a man and a woman which are a unique mechanism connected by numerous aspects and rules, beginning with moon phases all the way to the exaltation of these two bodies. The sun represents the male principle and exalts in the sign of the Grandfather, first of six male signs of the circle of destiny, while the moon represents the female principle which exalts in the snake, the first sign which begins the dark part of the year. There is another division which constitutes universal couples - Grandmother and Grandfather; the dragon and the snake which are positioned at the beginning and the end of the circle of destiny. They are considered to be earthly and heavenly love couples through which life energy and fertility flows. Since love is the most important segment of this energy road in the Bosnian horoscope there is a part which deals with analysis and review of mutual emotional matching of signs, which is called Anzotika, according to the name of the ancient Illyrian goddess of love.

Creator and author of all texts about fate circle is Raif Esmerović