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Among the Illyrians this animal represented one of the most important deities and protectors of family and as such it rightfully positioned itself at the beginning of the circle of destiny as the first sign. Its rule lasts from 15.10. until 15.11. Persons born under the sign of Snake are traditionalists, they’re loyal to their home and family. They don’t like changes sometimes due to laziness and sometimes because they’re not prone to taking responsibility. Only a more dominant but friendly person can spur them into action. Otherwise, they feel unsure of themselves and become stubborn.

Female snake

We must admit that women under this sign are very interesting, ingenious, peculiar, and slightly egocentric prone to refined things. They’re attracted by men which know how to impose themselves whether by their behavior or their looks. There, they reveal their naivety which is cute. They’re able to experience deep emotions, and in order to save their relationship they play their own hidden games. Work is important to them since they like to proving themselves, they can be quite thorough, but hardly accept their own mistakes. However, agreement is possible with them. When it comes to family a woman snake creates a pleasant ambiance since peace inside the home is one of her priorities. She shows love towards her children and partner. Though it seems otherwise she can be quite the fighter and knows how to fight for the person she cares for. Similarly, if she loses trust in you then there is no going back.

Male snake

Recognizable characteristic of male members of this sign is a certain stubbornness which often transforms into auto-destructiveness, or as people would say, they’re their own worst enemies. This is especially pronounced in male snakes which have a hard time accepting their mistakes, that’s why they’re faced with additional, unnecessary issues and difficulties. He’s a gourmand, he loves to enjoy food, atmosphere and attention. Often he has issues with expressing his emotions, which he likes to suppress or even deny due to an inborn incomprehensible need, though in his heart he yearns for attention and tenderness. It is pretty easy to upset him but also to scare him. But, he doesn’t show it publicly since he likes to appear strong and dangerous. He has an inclination to take care of those weaker than him, since it strengthens his ego and self-confidence. When it comes to work he is precise and detailed but not overtly fast. This is why they don’t like a tense working atmosphere or pressure. Stress affects him heavily. As a partner he is passionate, possessive and to a certain degree fickle. He is one of those partners that need to be reminded often who they have by their side.



Swallow is the second sign in the Bosnian horoscope which lasts from 15.11. until 15.12. Persons born in this period usually lead an interesting life and they have a hard time making peace with monotony. Swallow in mythology in BiH is a symbol of luck and wellbeing and that’s why we can say that a person under this sign has a chance to succeed in life, often, with the help of family or marital partner.

Woman swallow

Among women of this sign a characteristic trait is that they’re pretty self-aware, independent, and naturally adaptable to difficult situations out of which they always manage to find something for themselves. Without a doubt, swallow is a “tough” sign which despite its emotionality in front of life’s difficulties takes control and faces issues. Social aspect is very important to them and they’re good housewives which love to host their friends and persons which they care about not sparing effort nor money so that everything is on point. Female swallow is a perfect combination of emotion and happiness therefore as partners they’re very desirable. But, that playfulness often leads them to a wrong partner therefore love disappointments are inevitable. Stubbornness is another characteristic which swallow brings more harm than good. For them it’s an issue to receive a well-meaning advice, since it goes against their belief that they can and know everything by themselves. Because of an inborn tendency for independence swallows is not a lazy sign and treats work seriously, readily taking on responsibilities which it brings. This leads us to a conclusion that they’re careerists. Often a woman swallow cultivates a special relationship with her father, and despite differences in opinion, she is very sensitive to all comments and praises coming from that side.

Male swallow

Perhaps the best and shortest description – complex personality in constant conflict with himself. He is charming, often magnetic for the opposite sex, sociable, communicative. But, though a cheerful person every male swallow has his own dark side which he hides like a black box from others and which is full of internal fears, insecurities, deviations, frustrations and complexes. But his greatest phobia is fear of rejection. That’s why he is prone to literally buying attention from others, in some way, convincing himself that everyone loves and accepts him. He is very emotional but often egoistic, vengeful, always obsessed with the past behind which stands a feeling of guilt which follows him. He is jealous, often possessive, prone to proving himself through sex, since he is not skillful in showing his emotions nor does he know how to express himself properly. A man under this sign doesn’t expect a woman to be the best housewife, nor is that important to him, what he expects the most is for her to be tolerant and not to create pressure. Namely, infrequently a male swallow will panic in front of an issue and choose the easier way out i.e. run from the problem or will surround himself with material possessions since it offers him a feeling of peace and security, but also grandeur.



Third sign of the circle of destiny which rules during the period from 15.12. until 15.01. is called Cherry. In BiH tradition, cherry is a tree which takes a special place in the cult of the dead since its fruits are eaten by birds. Since a bird in mythological imagery is a symbol of a soul in the past it was a custom to plant cherry tree in graveyards. It was believed that a cherry growing near a graveyard will help a soul of a mejit (deceased) to free himself of sins, each time when a bird would eat its fruit. Among the folk cherry fruits are called "bird’s provision" or "ptičja nafaka".

Female cherry

A female cherry tends to take the initiative in the seduction process, therefore she doesn’t hesitate to give compliments to a man she likes. Her tactic spurs her to more steps, since members of this sign have a hard time coping with rejection and disinterest of the other party. In the end when she conquers the man she likes, whether through the role of a gentle and vulnerable woman or an aggressive flirt, the next step is subjugating her partner in order to have control over him. Despite all of this, female cherry is insecure and possessive deep inside. Mentioned energy and persistence she doesn’t transfer onto work and career since she is not overtly hard working and dedicated to work. She is not lazy but her personal life affects her business enthusiasm. If in that segment everything functions she is then dedicated to work. In most cases work is a necessary evil, although she respects financial independence. Though she has a tendency to be in leading roles, she more prefers team work. Tendency towards panicking is the result of her weak relationship with stress and pressure.

Male cherry

Members of this sign, male and female, can be recognized easily according to the way they dress which is always sports like and carefree. Also, the less clothes they wear the freer they feel. Male cherry is playful, he likes challenges, to be conquered and to conquer, he possesses a characteristic naivety, and when hurt he cannot stay angry for long. He’s not a vengeful person. He loves sex and everything connected to it therefore experiments in that field are not foreign to him. This is certainly the most erotic sign in the circle of destiny. He can be jealous, possessive but also stubborn. From his partner he desires attention since that fulfils him. She needs to be proactive and broadminded since he is magnetically attracted to these types of women. He is a gourmand but also prefers healthy food and such a way of life. In business he is not content with only one activity and a large part of men under this sign earns “on the side”. They’re good business partners and have no issues fitting into any work environment.



Fourth sign in the Bosnian horoscope is called frog, an animal which since ancient times represented one of zoomorphic forms of the Universal Mother – the oldest deity in human history, bearer of fertility and life. Among the Illyrians the frog had a similar symbolism and is therefore considered in Bosnian mythology as a protector of cattle, especially the cow, and milk which was used to feed the entire family especially small children. Protective role of the frog is reflected in the folk belief that when a frog arrives in front of the door she is warning the inhabitants that someone's evil is directed at them. The sign of the frog is dominant from 15.01. until 15.02.

Female frog

Members of this sign rarely declare themselves as „misunderstood soul“, since her external appearance doesn't suit what she has inside of her. In a certain way she is a rebel which is characterized by free-spiritedness which is why she is often not distanced from the man she likes. She likes to compete with the competition and she has a habit to measure and rate women around herself, usually in an unrealistic way. Talking behind someone’s back is not unknown to her. On marriage a thoughtful frog looks as a job and dreams of marrying a rich or capable man. She is characterized by a tendency to brag, therefore her partner or marriage are the best and most ideal. But, despite all of this, she is gentle and loyal to her partner, her passion is overtly highlighted, she doesn’t like to do things quickly, lovemaking for her must be long and dedicated. She treats work and career leisurely, and certainly she will never “burn up” in the work place or give her 100%. She is a good communicator and all jobs that require this skill suit her. She likes being in male company which suits her better.

Male frog

He is communicative, focused on what interests him, curious and adaptable. His bad sides are his insecurity, cautiousness, withdrawal, lies, obsessiveness. When it comes to emotions it is noticeable that a man under this sign tends to have a dominant partner or attracts such persons unknowingly. Generally, when he is in love he doesn’t know how to take a firm stance. He is a caring spouse and tries to please. His threshold of tolerance is pretty high mostly because he is traditional, doesn’t like to be alone and his family is extremely important to him which profiles him as a success. Though in public or in front of others he presents himself as a macho he is often quite the opposite; he likes tenderness, closeness and enjoys being surrounded by harmony. In business he is dedicated. He tries to be responsible towards his family and likes to feel useful. Quite a number of men under this sign have a private business since they don’t like having a boss or they believe that they know business better than others. All in all, they’re hard working and work to them serves for making new acquaintances and increasing their circle of friends. Career success is very important to them, and affects them greatly therefore they’re prone to increased stress.



Fifth sign in the Bosnian horoscope which rules over the period of 15th February until 15th March. This sign got its name from a brave Illyrian warrior but also because the time which this sign rules over signifies an unstable climatic period which signifies an unstable climatic period which is an introduction to warmer months in the year. According to Bosnian mythology, during this time there is a battle between north and south, cold and warm winds. That’s why the warrior is fighting evil spirits of nature and wins over them enabling with his fight the continuation of the cycle of life.

Female warrior

Female warrior is a flirt with instinctive urge to be liked by others. That’s why she is prone to present her love with her partner in public, whether it is real or not. She is of a restless spirit, leans towards the unexpected love and often fantasizes about love with a stranger. Her mind and imagination are very creative. Her emotions are pronounced and if she is lucky to have a good partner next to her then she can bear anything. Material things are not that important in her life, except when it comes to her family and children, she wants the best for them. She can overdo things in that field and wittingly make herself a victim. In her career it is important for her to prove herself to others and to be accepted. She has the ability to notice small details and to avoid easily everything that doesn’t suit her in a given moment. She is curious and likes to research.

Male warrior

He is versatile and knows how to adapt. He likes to play the victim and claim others work since he yearns attention. If his partner doesn’t show enough attention to him, infidelity will not be unknown to him. His insecurity is best seen in running from issues or uncomfortable situations when he often uses lies which to him seem as quick fixes. He is attractive to women, his amorous glance and dedication give him a certain charm and impressiveness. He is passionate, enjoys sex and he is no stranger to small perversions. His career is important to him, most ass kissers are found under this sign, they have no issue in appearing as a good worker to their boss so that they can advance their position. Once they get a good position he then expects others to kiss his ass in order to feed his ego. In speech he often swears into something in order to give greater importance to what he is speaking and claiming, although rarely half-truths hide behind such statements.



Grandmother is the sixth sign in the Bosnian horoscope and at the same time the last of the dark or winter signs. It rules over the period from 15th March to 15th April. Behind the name Grandmother is located the ancient lunar goddess of the moon, female principle, which interacts with the Grandfather – ancient deity of the sun, and creates the basis of ancient pagan beliefs and cults. In the Bosnian folk calendar the period from the 15th until 21st March belongs to the Grandmother and are thought of as the pinnacle of unstable weather when snow, rain, wind and sunny weather exchange or sometimes all happen in the same day. This is the period of pregnancy of the Universal Mother which will bring a son to this world in the beginning of the light part of the year, this son is at the same time her lover, which is why nature is upset and all of her forces are moving.

Female Grandmother

Females of this sign is a wildcat but she hides this characteristic skillfully, she is resourceful and cunning, at times a hypocrite. She adjusts to her partner, although this creates discontent in her. She doesn’t like it when someone else touches her things, especially clothes, since she cares about personal belongings. She often has a high opinion of herself and this doesn’t help her in life. She can provoke the other side by this and then in her confused way act as the assaulted and offended party. When she falls in love she becomes insecure and jealous, which makes her nervous. Loyalty to family often represents a hurdle in her personal life and she needs to learn how to keep a long enough distance so that her closest are a source of pleasure for her and not a burden. Female Grandmother usually from her earliest days is oriented towards work and creation, which can often make her a somewhat stingy person. She shows ingenuity and creativity in a business sense.

Male Grandmother

Characteristics of a male person under this sign are sociability, standing out in the crowd and hastiness. Though of a calmer nature he can be brash and prone to nervousness in all stressful situation because he experiences things personally. During communication he likes to express himself picturesquely and he can be sarcastic. In the relationship with his partner he is often passive which gives off a false sense of indifference. Male Grandmother is also passionate and emotional but he often suppresses this inside of himself, which is the main reason for his outbursts of jealousy or withdrawal. All in all others often see him as a complicated person. Male Grandmother is not lazy, work and career are important to him so that he can creatively express himself but also get a certain security. He likes to create and is a person which likes an established, calm life. According to this we can conclude that he is a family guy. At work he often doesn’t get along with his colleagues, but he knows how to hide it.



Grandfather is the seventh sign in the Bosnian horoscope which rules over the period from 15th April until 15th May. He represents the male principle. He got his name according to the seven day period, which according to the folk calendar lasts from 21st until 28th March and symbolizes the period of first labors in the garden. Grandfather in the middle ages in BiH was a title of priests of Bosnian Christians, his wife was called Grandmother, and as a marital couple they represented spiritual leaders. But, both of these names are actually much older since they personify two ancient (Illyrian) deities – moon and sun.

Female Grandfather

Since Grandfather is primarily a male sign this is reflected in some characteristics of the woman born during this period, which doesn’t have to be butch, to the contrary, this gives her an internal strength, temperament, protective drive and enthusiasm. But also a need to be distinguished. Female Grandfather is often proud and stubborn, prone to auto destruction because of her principles and attitude. But, regardless, she sacrifices herself, she is loyal and devoted partner to which jealousy and possessiveness are not unknown. Her emotions are pronounced and despite her serious exterior or stance, behind that mask is often a gentle and vulnerable being. When she is in love she becomes childish and it is not easy to handle her, but, all of this together is cure and stimulating for the partner. She loves to be dominant in a relationship, mostly due to her insecurity, although she can compromise. At work she is engaged, dedicated. Opinions of her colleagues are important to her since she orients herself according to this and strengthens her self-confidence. She is agreeable. Often she isn’t good with money, being economical isn’t her best side, since to a female Grandfather, material things are for hedonism or for building an image of a successful person.

Male Grandfather

Person born under this sign is responsible, prone to taking care of his family and to put his needs and desires to the side for the benefit of others. Sooner or later this causes frustration and revolt and he is often prone to frequent changes of mood and decisions. He is serene in nature, emotional, unsure of himself, modest. He possess charisma but often it is left underutilized. Often there is a battle inside of him between the desire for the traditional and modern, which can slow him down in life. He is attracted to feminine and modest partners, though he often comes across completely opposite profiles out of which later are born complicated and inadequate relationships. Though not a champion of fidelity, a male Grandfather can cheat on his partner only sexually, never emotionally, since love for him is much more than the bedroom and kitchen. If he is doing what he loves, then the male Grandfather without a doubt achieves great results. Through work he becomes optimistic since he loves creating and it’s not a problem for him to stay longer than required in the work place. If he doesn’t love what he is doing then he quickly reaches saturation and unhappiness which creates an unstoppable desire for change. However, he is scared of poverty and he takes careful steps towards something new. He loves every work which allows him to be creative since this is the sign of a creator.



Pigeon is the eight sign in the circle of destiny whose period of rule spans from 15th May until 15th June. In Bosnian mythology a pigeon is a bird dedicated to the solar deity and is an ideal symbol of a period in which sun receives its energy and spreads light and warmth, after the end of the dark part of the year. Pigeon is therefore a messenger-bird of the mentioned period of regeneration and triumph of nature.

Female pigeon

The largest percentage of women under this sign have issues with their insecurity and unhappiness, over which they never completely triumph during their life, and in their younger years they suppress their personality while in some later periods it grows into a strong desire for standing out, emphasizing her looks and values. Female pigeon is very persistent when it comes to her partner and is ready for various sacrifices in order to ensure her emotional relationship. When she is in love that state holds her much longer than other signs and we can conclude that she is passionate and possessive. Stubbornness forces her to become a victim of her emotions which undoubtedly leads to great frustrations and disappointments. She tends to idealize her partner which leads her to a subordinate role. She is a careerist, she loves money and the freedom it brings. But, she is not stingy and she will buy gifts for others with pleasure or will loan them money. She respects authority and superiors. She’s disciplined at work and when it comes to completing tasks.

Male pigeon

He can be complicated, confusing for the surrounding and fickle. He is communicative and prone to philosophizing. He is a demanding partner, a partner which desires time and attention. But, at the same time, he is fun, witty, prone to experimenting, often a gentleman. All in all, it is rarely dull with him. He is prone to domination and jealousy, although he desires a good looking and attractive partner, since it is very important for him to be noticed. When he makes a mistake he finds ways to apologize but in such a manner that his crown stays on his head. He is sociable, he doesn’t like being alone, but that often means being in any type of relationship, no matter whether he has any emotions towards his partner. His internal fear and anxiety he hides skillfully with provocative statements and acting, but, male pigeon is always different from how he presents himself. We could say that he is a great careerist, he sees work as a necessary evil. However, good earning potential always stimulates him and he is no stranger to breaking some of his principles to get money. With this sign the rule much theory little practice is confirmed.



Linden is the ninth symbol in the circle which rules from the period of 15th June until 15th July. In BiH tradition linden is a holly tree next to which Bogomils (Arian Christianity) performed their rituals. After the middle ages, linden didn’t lose its religious symbolism and was planted near mosques, which continued the religious practice for which certain anthropologists claim actually steams from Illyrian cults of trees to which they gave divine characteristics.

Female linden

Member of this sign is refined, sociable and often eloquent. She is attracted to strong men, which are direct and spontaneous. Her pronounced emotional characteristic makes her vulnerable, sensitive, which she tries to hide. She is egoistic and doesn’t forgive her partner neglect, therefore she won’t hesitate to seek attention from another man. But, whatever happens is never her fault but the other side’s. She exhibits passive aggression. There she shows an immature nature which resists taking responsibilities for personal mistakes. In a relationship or marriage she tries to keep everything under her control, but often discretely and decently. She is jealous, which can often grow into possessiveness. She yearns for support, both in the family and from her partner, since with all her wit and creativity she lacks a push in the right direction. She has a tendency to live beyond her means and often has financial issues. She isn’t prone to save for a rainy day. Career means a lot to her although she is picky when it comes to her work place. Dynamic jobs attract her, she doesn’t like monotony.

Male linden

Member of this sign is a person which doesn’t like being alone, and often decides to enter marriage early. She is tied to his family and togetherness and support mean a lot to him. Since he isn’t overtly independent and possesses insecurity he is attracted to partners which are dominant or which take initiative. She is prone to rage outbursts because of the negative effect of stress and pressure. He is gentle, romantic and a bit traditional. Large numbers of men under this sign have issues with egoism and don’t like admitting their mistakes. He often represents himself more different than he is since he likes to mask his insecurity in such a manner. Since his nature is more laid back he isn’t overly ambitious. Business environment without much stress and hassle suits him best. There are a lot of lazy people under this sign. They have a tendency towards vices.



Salamander is the tenth sign in the circle of destiny which rules over the period of 15th July until 15th August. In Bosnian mythology it is considered that every man has his own salamander, animal doppelganger or follower, which comes to him after his death to guard him or to devour him, depending on whether the man was good or bad. It is also believed that Salamanders are miniature versions of dragons on earth, the same one which according to legends satiates his hunger for warmth and light by devouring two out of three sun’, which were in the sky in ancient times. According to this legend salamander is a symbol of sun which positions him in the period of the year with the most intensive activity of solar warmth.

Female salamander

Members of this sign are passionate and egoistic, sometimes selfish, prone to some immature states when they recede or simply pout. They need a flexible partner which can be in harmony with their demanding character. She is a loyal companion. Female salamander is of a restless spirit, she loves to travel, be in social gatherings and events since she “feeds” off of this and fills up with energy. She likes challenges, and even though she isn’t negative often in communication with others she can be indelicate with her statements. She loves and appreciates presents, she is prone to sentimentality. Pronounced taste in jewelry, hair dying and seeking her recognizable image. All of this is her trademark. She enjoys sex and is prone to experimenting. She is a careerist, is responsible when it comes to work and has leadership qualities. Since she leans towards having everything under control her nightmare scenario is not having enough money. Therefore she isn’t prone to extravagance, though she has a tendency of helping others.

Male salamander

He is an emotional person hiding underneath a thick layer of machoism. Whether we’re talking about expressive physical or character lines, each male member of this sign tries to accentuate his masculinity. Behind all of this is often hides fear from rejection and a great desire to hide insecurity. He is a gourmand which is perhaps not prone to creation and long term planning but he is someone which at every moment knows and wants to enjoy. He is prone to excesses, boasting and even lying, in order to present himself as a more ideal person. He is passionate, good lover. Charismatic. Despite that inborn insecurity makes him possessive. His ego often restrains him, he doesn’t like authority but respects friendship. He is attracted by passionate and communicative women. However, his love, if she desires to keep him, must be tolerant towards arbitrary behavior which he sometimes exhibits due to his hurt pride. It is known that a male under this sign doesn’t love working, and often chooses easier and simpler jobs. But, he functions well in smaller business settings, and often in individual work. Money isn’t important to him, he knows how to earn it and spend it.



Penultimate sign in the Bosnian horoscope which dominates the period from 15th August until 15th September. Sedef or sedefil (rue) in BiH tradition is tied to the cult of the dead, which is why this plant was once planted in graveyards. Besides, rue because of its prophylactic and magical characteristics is the most widespread plant in the cult of magic and incantations and practice of stravarke. It is believed that rue was dedicated to Hazrat Fatima.

Female rue

Females under this sign seem confusing to their environment because of their insecurity. There is a silent conflict between traditional upbringing and desire to be a self-confident woman which conquers and lives her own way. She is sensory and sensual, enjoys sex and certain perversions are not unknown to her. She likes to please her man in order to keep him and is therefore ready to make herself a victim in order to keep a certain relationship. We can see a character line of masochism, as well as the fact that she likes dominant males more. She is vain, stubborn and at moments of anger extremely harsh in words. But, she is a loyal friend which gifts the friends she loves and appreciates. Female rue is a careerist, she is persistent and doesn’t give up from the things she set her mind to. Her pronounced feeling for detail and meticulousness helps her tremendously to develop discipline and advance in her work place. She isn’t good with money, she lacks a feeling for profitability. She likes to buy good and high quality things, which causes her to have monetary difficulties.

Male rue

Member of this sign is traditional and family oriented, and protective. But, what distorts this ideal picture is a provocative characteristic, exaggeration in statements and overtly pronounced ego. Passive-aggressive behavior is common to most people born under the sign of rue. He is a huge gourmand and his ideal partner is a woman which knows her way around the kitchen. Besides he is attracted by well dressed women, communicative, which cannot throw shade on his grandeur. When he courts he is direct and playful, a woman will feel content next to him since he clearly makes it known that he wishes to take care of her. He is possessive and his love is expressed through possession. He doesn’t like monotony and he will cause a fight in order to have attention directed at himself. When it comes to work he is the one that philosophizes, comments others. He isn’t resistant to stress and pressure can cause nervousness. He is always “searching himself” when it comes to career which leads him to change his work place often. He is no stranger to making money in an unconventional way.



Last i.e. twelfth sign in the Bosnian horoscope which rules from 15th September until 15th October is called Dragon. Among our forefathers Illyrians, dragon was considered to be a deity and folk traditions describe him as a large snake with small arms and legs, covered in scales. In the rest of the story it is claimed that a dragon can have sexual relations with women out of which a cub can be born, known in Bosnian mythology as Snijet. Snake and dragon represent two totems, symbols of opposition which in unison represent the entire universe – good and evil, life and death, creation and destruction which is why these two signs took the first and second place in the circle of destiny.

Female dragon

Like a real dragon, a woman under this sign can get “ignited” and “burn up” in love which is manifested in their preoccupation with the man they like. Then they are not moderate and they will do everything to win over their partner and get his love. They’re prone to dramatization, acting like victims, and everything else which could divert attention to them. Ebb and tide of emotions exchange inside of them and they have phases of receding and attacking. Frustration makes them thoughtless with their statements and they become drastic and unpleasant. Egotism is pronounced as well as the need to prove themselves as well as to their partner through sex. Work and generally career women of this sign see as sort of release, since money allows them to be what they want, to the extent that they desire. Their issue is that they have a hard time separating their private lives from their work lives.

Male dragon

He is certainly a very specific person, prone to receding and stubbornness. He is emotional, sensitive, loves tenderness, lack of love he usually substitutes with food and sweats – since he is a gourmand. Attractive women for him are the ones with an attitude, dominant, which the male dragon wishes to subdue and subjugate in his fantasies. It is not rare that love holds him for a long time, even when the relationship ends. He possesses a certain dose of immaturity, jealousy, and he doesn’t know how to express himself correctly. His sense of humor isn’t always acceptable to others. When he loses an argument he instinctively tries to play the victim. Though not a personification of speed and agility he is a good worker, precise and focused on what he is doing. He doesn’t like risks and always plays it safe. Despite this, sometimes he has unconventional ideas and thoughts. Money and career are important to him and as he doesn’t like authority he has a greater chance for success if he chooses a career where he can have individuality and greater freedom.


Circle of destiny: Universal Mother and Sep

Bosnian horoscope or circle of destiny is based in its essence on principles of folklore (agricultural) calendar which divides the years into two seasons – summer and winter or better to say, to the light and dark part. (1) Inside such a division there are twelve signs from which half belong to the light and the second to the dark part of the year, and as such they are each other’s opposites. Circle of destiny is a graphical representation of Universal Mother’ stomach, symbolic characters which are depicted in that divine circle represent all living world which exists on earth and they are plants and trees, animals and humans. In a direct and picturesque way this is a representation which shows that we all come from the same source and that we are connected and that we cannot exist without each other. Shortly, Bosnian horoscope is a shamanistic representation of what our forefathers (Illyrians) believed in, with a clear focus on nature and its forces in their ongoing interaction they create a unique symbiosis of material and spiritual strength.

Patronage i.e. the most influential elements on the circle of destiny are Sun, Moon and Earth as well as four elements, everything that we have been throughout history and all our lives exposed to. Although four elements are in constant permeation, as keepers of life and harmony, they have their considerably stronger influence in certain parts of the year so that in the warmer part of the year the elements of wind and fire dominate, while in the cold part water and earth dominate. Through the influence of elements we can follow the base of the circle of destiny and cycle of life and death, which in its alternation encourages life energy and creates fertility.

It is known that Illyrians have inherited matriarchy in whose centre was the worship of Universal Mother – “One which gives life to everything”, whose existence we can find in oral traditions of our people, from which we would point out the ones about the separation of the year, tales of snijet and other certain mythological representations.

Though at first sight they may seem as parts of different traditions all of them are segments of a unique cult of fertility, which has remained in the collective consciousness to this day due to its existential purpose.

Celebration of fertility and love

Beginning of the dark part of the circle is called “feasting” or “feast” since it represents a period of year when the fruits are ripe i.e. fertility has reached its peak. Since the old days it was an opportunity to stage festivities of thanks and celebration since then the community has ample food to live off of until spring. That’s why Universal Mother is celebrated, a personification of all deities of fertility in various cultures, alfa and omega of entire creation. But, though this event represents the end of the light part of the year and entry into a dark one, we shouldn’t forget that it doesn’t signify anything bad nor negative but quite the opposite. It, namely, hints at the pagan new year which at this time of plenty has ideal predispositions for celebration and happiness.

Before the beginning of the dark part of the year since the old days people ploughed their fields in order to sow wheat, symbol of Universal Mother, i.e. in a ritual way stimulate from the beginning the cycle of fertility. By no accident, in the autumn among Bosnian people traditionally marriages took place, since agricultural works were finished, food was plenty and with that conditions for humans to “plant” their seeds was met and to renew life in the community. That’s why since the old days this was a period of giving thanks but also love. All of this was favoured by elements water and earth, both symbols of female fertility, which in the Universal Mother herself indicate creation of a new life. Namely, in monotheism it is claimed that a human being is created out of earth, and in the much older traditions life is created from earth.

Holly silence

In the second part of the dark part of the year which is called “holly silence” nature is in the phase of apparent sleep i.e. hibernation, forces of life receded deep into the ground and are awaiting after three full months, when fire and air assume domination, to awaken and activate. But, while “holly silence” lasts a real mythological play is taking place in which unstoppable desire for existence through a new birth culminates with death. Namely, at the time of hibernation (sleep), complete calmness of nature in winter months, sleeping Universal Mother is loved and fertilised cunningly by a dragon which is called Sep or Sap in some traditions, giving all of his life energy into her body, and after three or four months she gives birth to a divine snijet – young god with dragon blood and strength, which occurs during the light part of the year or better to say at the time of the phase. (2)

Allusion to this mythological tradition was always located in folk tales about the birth of snijet – dragon cub, which would attack individual women while they were alone in the field or at home, hypnotising them with its emerald eyes and then making love to them. In the rest of the tale people claimed that a fertilised woman gives birth to snijet after three or four months. It is important to stress that in folklore tales there is no mention of the legend of dragoness i.e. female dragons, therefore we come to a conclusion that there are only male dragons. That’s why traditionally dragons sexually attack women and even cows.

That Universal Mother is fertilised is hinted at by the folk calendar which states that in this dark period of the year (winter) female names dominate Veljača and Baba out of which the first one implies to Universal (Mother), from the abbreviation Vela, and Baba to a pregnant woman (zababila se, obabila se). After the period of baba comes did, i.e. she is joined by a male mythical character which personifies God which she will give birth to at the beginning of the light part of the year and in that manner mark its beginning.

In this new cycle domination is taken over by elements of air and fire which enables the birth of a dragon god. By no accident the custom of lighting a fire around the house at dawn was kept, Mijene (6th May) with a goal ¸of chasing away snakes from the home i.e. dragon, ancient symbol of evil. Namely, according to folk descriptions, a dragon is nothing else but a long snake with wings and pointy tale, on whose body are small arms and legs. Universal Mother, personification of good, gives birth to the god of evil Sep, which is at the same time her son and lover, so that she may continue the eternal circle of life and fertility. With a desire to limit the power of the evil god, dragon and to remove it from people, at dawn fires would be traditionally lit whose fires and smoke should frighten him. (3) It is no accident that in Christian mythology this date is connected to a story about Saint George which kills a dragon with his spear, which is nothing but a modified version of an ancient pagan myth about the birth of divine Sep.

In a mythological sense this fear is justified since in all folk traditions about divine Sep he is always trying to destroy the world and swallow the sun and moon (eclipse) in order to avoid his own death, from which he is born again through the womb of the Universal Mother. With this the ancient cycle of birth and death is renewed who knows how often in mysteries of fertility but also it confirms that the living tissue of the entire universe is made out of the principles of good and evil.

Universal Mother and her son recover for seven days after birth, in this case from the 6th to the 13th of May, and that period is according to traditional belief charged with extreme magical strength which can be deadly for humans. (4) As is believed even the sun is poisonous until the period of Mijena passes and if someone would fall asleep in the sun light or in the shade of a walnut tree he would risk of falling terminally ill. Belief that the sun is poisonous until Mijena passes leads us to a conclusion that it is hostile towards the birth of the divine dragon form which it is believed that it constantly attacks the sun trying to devour it.

Young son – dragon soon abandons his mother, future lover, and leaves in order to circulate through the earth and exit it, he would ascend towards the sky and would come back to earth again, renewing vegetative circle with his mystical flight.

All of the above is no fiction it is based on Bosnian traditions and folk calendar which together, in its entirety, presents ancient beliefs of our forefathers, intriguing reptilian cult which is unique to our people and which through folklore survived to this day. Salamander, Frog as well as the Dragon (snijet), are shamanistic totems deeply involved in the traditional stories of Bosnian people and with that original representatives of Illyrian cult of fertility.


Bosnia, Illyrians and tombstones – beginning of European civilization

Continuity of our people from the old days up to today was not in question, and it was part of the scientific discourse until the end of the XIX century. Therefore, up until that period everyone knew that south Slavs were actually Illyrians. However, after the Illyrian name, crest with a crescent moon and tri colour were banned by the emperors decree, by Germanic-Hungarian political decision the progeny of the ancient Illyrians were declared as Albanians, and south Slavs all of a sudden became “settlers from Carpathians”.

Ancient Illyrians

Since long we are aware that Bosnia and Herzegovina represents an ancient land with its tombstones, with its ancient people, which surprised Europe with its unexplored world once it was occupied by Austro-Hungary in 1878. For the first time, entire Europe was aware that on the territory of BiH there was a unique cult, anthropological and national space which possesses the most imposing and the oldest megalithic culture in whole of Europe. The occupying force did not like this, it actually presented them a large problem: size and hoariness of our culture made Western Europe inferior, and their civilizations mission absurd. This is why a systematic plan of twisting historical facts was put into place, which was an easy task taking into consideration the pretty bad military, economic, demographic but also educational condition of the people living in BiH at that time.

Map of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Stećci

The greatest historical lie which brought the greatest suffering in the Balkans is the one about the influx of Slavs to this area, this myth started with systematic destruction of the Illyrian people and their ancient culture. Slavs were therefore always unsophisticated and primitive people, and their name comes from the word “servant, slave”, these people in reality don’t have structures nor cultural achievements, and they were always to the “civilized” and colonial Europe a symbol of barbarism and primitivism, to which we can attest to today. Namely, when we would performs a poll across Italy, Germany, France or Britain on the topic of Slavs we could hear some pretty unpleasant comments and judgements, which is a result of traditional belief but also ranking of European peoples, civilized– western and primitive – eastern peoples.

Until the beginning of the Austro-Hungarian occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina the theory of the great immigration was not seriously considered until the ruin of the Illyrian movements happened, this is best described by the historian Bogoslav Šulek (1816-1895). According to him, first the immigrants were of the same birth as the Illyrians, and second they could not outnumber the Illyrian aboriginals which inhabited the entire Yugoslavian area, and even further than that. Dr. Tibor Živković (1966-2013) also confirmed that during the VI and VII century only a couple of thousand people migrated and not hundreds of thousands, this Serbian historian of the newer generation estimated that during that period the part of immigrated people among the aboriginals did not exceed 3%.

Croatian historian Dr. Neven Budak similarly concludes that the older historiography mistakenly believed that the ancient aboriginals were deported and exterminated in large numbers, with a minority staying in mountainous regions, coastal areas and islands. According to him, modern research in various areas proved that aboriginals survived in greater numbers than was previously presumed. Bosnian historian Đuro Besler also claims that 85% of the ancient inhabitants stayed. Vladimir Dvorniković in his Magnum opus “Characterology of Yugoslavs” recognises an “ancient Illyrian” in humans of the Dinaric karst.

Stećci – Illyrian tombstones

After inventing lies that Illyrians are actually Slavs another lie begins, it places the emergence of tombstones, the ancient monuments of the Illyrian culture, into the middle ages, since Western Europe cannot tolerate the fact that in BiH there is proof of the existence of the oldest culture on European soil. Implications of discovering tombstones in the XIX century is that the European roots and continuity of existence belongs to our culture, which is in fact very logical: whoever opened an ancient atlas knows that it is nowhere stated that the European culture was begotten in Berlin, London, Vienna or Paris. To prevent further political and geopolitical implications of this cognition, the truth had to be buried under the deposits of twisted narrative.

However, despite all frauds and historical rigging, gradually enlightenment in scientific circles began and extensive research of various archaeologists and experts confirm that the origin of tombstone dates back to the ancient time even prehistory. Thoughts about prehistoric origin of tombstones was shared by an Austrian geologist and researchers Heinrich Sterneck which as an Austro-Hungarian officer-geologist researched mineral wealth of Bosnia and Herzegovina and found various necropolis’ in the field. He thought that the tombstones most certainly belonged to the ancient times, since they were usually located on Illyrian piles or in their vicinity and that they’re old as the Illyrian burial mounds. The other researcher Alexandar Sapieha spoke about tombstones as very old monuments which resemble Egyptian and Parthian ones. German archaeologist George Wild had an interesting claim, namely the tombstones in Bosnia represent the old European cultural heritage, and that some symbols such as lilies (which are symbols on the Bosnian crest) stems from the ancient times, often as tombstones, that various types of crosses are pre-Christian and were known in the ancient culture, and Christianity adopted them at a later period, giving them Christian interpretation.

Yet, the best proof that tombstones were not built in the middle ages are the dimensions and weight of a large number of tombstones. There is no technological context which would place the practice of breaking off of 32 ton megaliths and their transportation of across great distances. Anyway, why would someone do such a thing, and not use such technology in building other structures. Kemal Čolak from Sarajevo calculated that for the construction of such a megalith which is located in Pavlovac near Sarajevo, one would need to break off a cuboid of 40 tons. A logical question can be posed, where would one find such a quarry, and what tools were used for such a purpose. It is especially interesting to mention that some locals claimed that the monument is located on the former training grounds of JNA, and that the army removed all other monuments from that location, but they didn’t have the necessary machinery to remove this one. What did the man from middle ages use to move it? With that, in the dark middle ages, times of wars, fratricide and crusades against Arian Christians, time of famine, poverty and survival, there was no time for erecting hundred thousand monuments, nor the time for laborious and long transportation and great embellishment of the monuments. Was it done in the middle ages, such a powerful and technically advanced civilization would easily fend off attackers and conquer entire Europe.

There are numerous arguments which testify that tombstones cannot be from the middle ages, though in the middle ages they were used, partially inscribed and ornamented. Here are some of them:

1. Official science until the end of the 19th century considered tombstones to be prehistoric monuments.

2. It was noted that the symbols on the monuments were tied to ancient civilizations, especially Egyptian and Parthian.

3. There are no known folk tales which speak of construction of monuments in the middle ages. However, there are numerous ones which place the process far in prehistory.

4. There are no inscriptions about the building of monuments amongst the ancient people from Dubrovnik, and it is known that the agents from Dubrovnik recorded anything which was of the smallest interest. Such inscriptions are not known in other archives of Dalmatia and Italy.

5. In heaps under the monuments we see a continuation of burials from the 20th century BCE up until the 20th century.

6. Tombs from the middle ages on necropolis’ are located near tombstones or underneath stone switches, i.e. smaller tombstones, which proves the continuity of burial from prehistory, but not their medieval origin.

7. From around 100 000 tombstones, and there were more, only 6000 of them are ornamented, and a smaller number contains various crosses which were pre-Christian and familiar in ancient times. Yet if we persist that they’re actually Christian symbols, we’re talking about a number which is smaller than 1%. The possibility of Christians avoiding cross symbols when ornamenting is simply absurd.

8. In the middle ages in Dalmatia, Bosnia and Serbia numerous wars were waged, mostly crusades against Arian Christians, during this time social-economic conditions were not ripe for erection of megalith necropolis.

9. Depiction of ancient pillars of a temple in numerous megalith monuments additionally confirms the pre-historical origin of tombstones.

10. Layers of humus on monuments which are today underground are between 30 and 80 cm, while on Roman monuments they are between 15 and 30 cm, which rather points to the Bronze age and not the Middle Ages.

11. That burial under tombstones and under a mound was a custom from the Bronze age is depicted through the verses from the Iliad and Odyssey in which burials of cremation remains are mentioned, bodies in a heap on which a tombstone was placed.

12. Tombstones are also mentioned in the Old Testament, which also points to the Bronze and Iron age.

Illyrian god Vidasus on stećak


2016 - year of the moon goddess

When one wants to predict the future globally in a certain year, then it is necessary to know first and foremost with which number that year is represented in numerology. In that manner we come to very important information which helps us grasp further all the situations which highlight it. What is interesting at the very start of the analysis is that the year 2016 is in the sign of the moon goddess, namely, the year starts on Friday (01.01.), which is considered to be the day of Venus (woman), the number of the year is 9 - symbol of the Grand Mother (woman) and according to the schedule of the change of signs, grandma (old woman) rules over this year, with which we have all three forms of the moon goddess.

As 2016 is in the sign of number 9 we could predict that the year is in the number which ends one decade and begins another one. But, the situation is not as simple, especially not patterned, since it is familiar that influences individually interweave and often don't go the way that we would like them to. For that reason often the influence of one period has a relatively long term effect and during the following one shouldn't rush with new prognoses. But, anyway, number 9 is the personification of the Grand Mother which has the specificity to accumulate all events and energies which preceded it and with their help "give birth" to a new period. Simply put, from our activity depends our common future. Circle of destiny is eternal, it is never broken, instead it continuously passes through a light and dark period, in order to regenerate life energy, influencing in such a manner every part of our planet but also space. Will Grand Mother (9) cause positive or negative events, and will they happen in the expected time or a bit latter, remains to be seen.

When you resonate the main aspects of what is possible in the year that is under the sign of the grandma, the first thing we notice are numerous natural disasters which will be felt by humans. There will be a few volcano eruptions and it is possible that there will be smaller floods and earthquakes in certain areas. But, the positive thing is that in the year of grandma and number 9 it is possible that reason will prevail and tensions will be reduced, especially those in the Middle East. Number 9 is a symbol of diplomacy and there is a big chance that 2016 will be a year of big diplomatic solutions and return of stability and peace. The first part of the year will be marked by unrest and various political turmoil, but even then, when it will seem that nothing positive is going on, behind "closed doors" a bustling negotiations and agreement will happen, which will come to light a bit later. Though, such deals won't be profitable long term nor will they represent a realistic solution, they will stop the killing and crisis.

This is why 2016 is very important for the signs of the Bosnian horoscope since it offers us the possibility to fix the mistakes from previous years, end incompatible relationships, bring to end bad business, etc. This is the year in which one needs to start new love relationships, business, friendships. And all this under the positive influence of the Grand Mother. Children born in this year will be particularly capable and creative, prone to master languages easier, learning. Depending in which of the 12 signs of the circle of destiny the person is born one can determine their potential.



End of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 for persons born under this sign is an extremely turbulent period which brings with itself sudden changes and possibilities for ending long-term love relationships and friendships and loss of a job. But, that period doesn't last long, at the end of January it stops and opens up new possibilities and chances. This relatively short negative period is an ideal time for life changes, especially for those that are in their thirties. During spring the Snake comes under a strong influence of the grandma, symbol of emotions, and new love relationships and friendships are possible, which have the tendency to become serious.

Similarly, during 2016 Snake is in opposition with Salamander, which offers certain convenience but also creates pronounced sensitivity, prone to lighter diseases and allergies. During this year the career field is dominant in relation to all other aspects which should be utilised, especially in the period from March until September, in order to profit, advance and get a new work place.

Through the field of love the Snake will show a deeper need throughout the year for emotional connection and also sexual gratification, which is a direct influence of the Grandma, Grandpa and Salamander. 2016 is suitable for getting married, since it is in the sign of the moon goddess, usually prone to family and children and her influence is especially inclined to signs of the darker part of the year. Things that can present an issue to every Snake in their emotional lives is the desire for domination and possessiveness, all this requires from them the development of tolerance and flexibility.

Throughout the entire 2016 the Snake creates a triangle with the Grandpa and Salamander, pretty strong signs which give energy and desire but also stubbornness and inclination towards making those mistakes to which the Snake is usually not prone to. Desire to restrain the ego and stubbornness is especially important in emotional and business relationships. Period of appeasement and entering in a stable period is from September.



Beginning of 2016 is full of expectations, numerous members of this sign will commit themselves to some tasks which they want to fulfil during this year, which will be very difficult to achieve because of the awkward triangle with the Pigeon and Rue. Beginning of the year for the Swallow will be ostensibly calm and stable, and this is what she will mind the most, since this is the sign that hates monotony. Since numerous initiated activities that the Swallow didn't finish in 2015 will have to be completed in this year. But, because of the pronounced influence of the Pigeon there will be a tendency towards procrastination, uncertainty, as well as stress and frustration.

Because of the constant feeling of nervousness the Swallow will often bring itself into unnecessary issues with others which will make her even unhappier. This will certainly reflect on her emotional life. Influence of the Rue, which is quite present throughout this year, will bring to the Swallow, beside the desire to change partners, flirt, new passionate relationships and love which could end up in a hasty marriage.

For numerous members of this sign 2016 is the year of maturing, since the tendency for change and freedom is extremely pronounced thanks to the meeting of two somewhat opposing influences of Swallow-Rue, with whose influence every need for break with the past. New acquaintances with strangers, for persons living in other countries, are present throughout the entire year since this combination makes them on-going.

Frequent headaches are possible, issues with circulation but also weakening of the immunity. On the business front misunderstandings with colleagues and partners are evident, therefore it is suggested to them to be wary especially when signing important documents and contracts. Appealing business offers await them in Autumn, as well as the possibility for changes and a new work place.



For people born under this sign, 2016 will be a year of emotions, weather we are talking about love, family or friendly relations, but with those pretty and pleasant moments there will be extremely uncomfortable ones which lead to crashes and disappointments. The sign of the Dragon is to be blamed for the negative effect that it has on the Cherry, additionally it exposes the Cherry to pressure and stress under which long term friendships or relationships will be ended, namely, all the relationships the Cherry has with others, but which are shown to be unstable, could be abruptly ended in 2016. Of course this will not go by simply but followed by fights and critiques. With this the unfavourable influence of the Dragon does not end, it causes among the younger members of the Cherry inclination towards conflicts with authority, primarily with parents.

On the business side, for the Cherry, thanks to the influence of the Linden, this will be an extremely successful business year which brings new choices, jobs and projects. All the things that have to do with communication and xafsing will bring success to Cherry. Frequent travel is possible in this year. Linden has a very benevolent effect on the Cherry and allows her to improve her social life and to be exposed and experience her moment of fame.

For the Cherry 2016 is a year of sudden decisions and possible movement, new business beginnings but also love affairs. Health wise there is a possibility for danger of obesity, spine but also various infections.



For a large number of members of this sign, 2016 is a year of important life decisions, and of course, a chance to acquire some new life experiences and skills, especially business ones, which will be needed in the following period. Namely, this year brings to numerous frogs financial i.e. business issues. Without a doubt, such an unfavourable trend of events will reflect on behaviour and will often cause nervousness and reckless statements. Oscillations in behaviour will be evident along with general uncertainty. But, all those professions tied to tourism, agriculture and commercial businesses are under the favourable influence of number 9 therefore those that work in the mentioned sectors will have a favourable year.

Emotionally 2016 is a pretty interesting year. Since Frog is a traditional sign which leans towards partnership and marriage it is in an ideal opposition with Salamander, which creates harmony in the circle of destiny, we could conclude that many Frogs expect a turbulent year with numerous chances for new love. Fatal love is possible and for those that are married opens an especially positive period to bring in change and freshness in a monotonous relationship. Partner which is older and more dominant will mark this year for the Frogs.

When it comes to health focus should be placed on the nerves throughout the entire year. Feeling of fatigue and decline in immunity will be the main culprits for members of this sign.



In 2016the members of this sign can expect that a bigger part of the year will be pretty stable and with that the most important condition is created to successfully end some yearlong issues which have never, because of some occupations and obligations, been solved. Since love life is often the largest source of frustrations and unhappiness of a Warrior, positive influence which is spread by year number nine will improve friendships and love relationships. In the period from January to May, Warrior will be located in the period of decisions, therefore significant life changes are probable, including moving.

During the summer until mid-Autumn issues in communicating with others will be evident, therefore one should avoid creating new business, signing contracts or buying real estate. Or at least one should take great caution and not make hasty decisions. During the year the warrior, especially younger ones, will have the opportunity to do business or attend school abroad, which certainly opens up new opportunities and possibilities. Solving old court disputes as well as administrative issues is evident during 2016 for all the members of this sign.

During the year there is a pronounced danger from injury at the work place or at home, therefore caution is advised. Take care of the stomach and digestion.



2016 in and of itself, according to the circle of destiny, is the year of Grandma, therefore we can conclude that this is a period of all those born in the time of her rule, from 15.03. to 15.04. You will be more determined and bring decisions easier than usual, people can expect initiative from you to solve certain issues. This will cause small earthquakes in your private and business life. In this year the sign Grandma will have the possibility to go from one extreme to the other, which is not the best solution for a sign which leans towards harmony, therefore all that excess energy would be best directed at gaining new knowledge or business skills. Or, which is more logical, one should take up exercise or sport. Year number nine can bring radical changes to this sign than the ones they're expecting, so keep in mind that during spring and summer major decisions are to be avoided. You will try to be interesting and seductive to your partner, which you will mostly succeed in. Though, don't push things, because you will create an opposite effect.

In this year the circle of destiny highlights the tendency and need to Grandma for something new, which doesn't have to be in according to the standard thinking patterns of this sign. Start in the beginning with small changes such as changing the hair style. Issues with body weight are classic issues, which usually results in "swallowing emotions", inability to say loud and clear what is bothering you. Issues with urinary canals are evident, inflammations and headaches.



In this year persons born under the sign of the Grandfather can expect a lot of positive influence which will create a positive climate for change. However, 2016. is the time which brings emphasis to severity and discipline, which is an indicator that time has come to uproot things and make changes. Of course, when we are talking about changes we shouldn't forget that character changes are desirable, tied to changing attitudes and leaning towards flexibility.

March is the first month in 2016 which has a stronger influence on the Grandfather, it brings him into the past and forces him to revitalize all those relationships which complicated his life. This is the time to right wrongs which were done, forgive or ask forgiveness from someone, renew a broken relationship, and especially to normalise relationships inside the family. Business wise the year brings many challenges which do not exclude dramatic events, degradation or loss of some current benefits, therefore wisdom is recommended. During this year creative energy is rising and it will be good to use it for business ideas and plans. This is also a chance for independence, conducting business projects which do not require a lot of investment.

When we are talking about emotions this is definitely one of the better years for numerous members of this sign, it will emphasize seriousness in love relationships, strengthening relationships and understanding of partners. All those disappointments experienced in previous periods could be healed with new love relationships in this year.

Tendency to stress, nervousness and fatigue is pronounced. Thorax and head are sensitive points on the body and are potential places where the Grandfather could have health issues with during 2016.



During 2016 the sign Pigeon is located in a dynamic surrounding of other signs in the circle of destiny which are accentuated, and in such an inharmonious surrounding the Pigeon will be subjected to stress, especially in the light part of the year, from May to October. But, as we are talking about a sign which has an inborn ability of regeneration, it will endure all turbulences well, especially business ones. Sudden shifts in career are likely, change of work or sudden desire for larger independence is also possible, which could in the end result in numerous members of this sign thinking about their own business.

During 2016 numerous members of this sign will be magnetically attractive. As their sign-guide in this year is the Snake, it will bring them charisma and attractiveness, which they will know how to utilise. Numerous Pigeons will not resist the temptation of short-lived adventures with which they could cause crises in current relationships. For those single, 2016 is the period of new love which have the tendency to lead them to the marriage register.

But, all is not perfect in their lives, especially when we are talking about health. Sensitive points are the spine, prostate, reproductive organs and the tendency towards infections and inflammations of all sorts. Individual surgeries are evident, which cannot be avoided or put off.

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Bosnian circle of destiny

Bosnian horoscope or Bosnian circle of destiny is based on an old division of the year into two parts summer and winter. That is why there is in the horoscope a dualistic division into six signs of light and six signs of darkness which together represent two principles i.e. good and evil and male and female sex. That's why every sign begins within a middle of one and ends in the middle of another month. The length of one sign begins and ends on the 15th of a month at noon exactly.

Sun and moon have a dominant influence over the Bosnian circle of destiny, and they also impact life on our planet the most. Signs over which the moon presides are usually family oriented, more prone to expressing feelings and in an extent more responsible. But we shouldn’t forget in this case the influence of earth itself which can sometimes have a more pronounced influence on people during winter times, even more so than the moon, because during the winter the sky is often covered with thick clouds and the sun and moon are distant i.e. hidden.

Light signs are the complete opposite to the dark ones and that difference is especially evident in their action, inclination to risk, changes and adventures. Strengthening of the sun’s rays, acceleration of the natural rhythm, constant weather changes, or even summer storms, perfectly describe the nature of people born during one of the six light signs. Because of it they are more prone to stress, annoyance, possessiveness, abrupt mood swings.

The names of the signs in the horoscope are not coincidental, they stem from Bosnian mythology arising from the ancient cult of the Grand Mother, whose worship dates from the Neolithic all the way to the Illyrians and until today. Even though the cult influence is not pronounced like during the ancient times it is still present in numerous segments of folk belief and mythological phenomena. The main signs of the horoscope are, the snake and dragon which represent two opposing sides which are at the same time permeate one another but also divide and they signify beginning and the end. They are the alpha and omega of the circle of destiny. In the middle of the circle the position has been taken by Granddad (Did, Djed) and Grandma or Baba, priest of the Bogomils and his wife, which can also be referred to as Illyrian divine couple Vidasus and Thana or solar god and lunar goddess.

In accordance to the dualistic teachings of the Bogomils the Bosnian circle of destiny dealt with both material and spiritual life of individuals, helping them to know themselves and their role in life, and it transformed all that was negative into the positive. That’s why the circle of destiny is nothing more than a Bogomil wheel of reincarnation through which the human soul passes through in order to reach final liberation. On that journey the soul takes both human and animal forms, but also vegetative forms, trying to teach us empathy and need to help one another, no matter what our physical form looks like nor where we come from. From the aspect of Bogomil philosophy each human being seeks liberation from negative elements of their karma in order to experience enlightenment in the end. The main mover of the circle of destiny are human ego, malice, greed, jealousy but also man as a dualistic being has the potential to perceive evil and to cleanse and purify himself of it through specific cycles, and achieve enlightenment. Illustration and the search through signs of the circle of destiny is best explained if we compare it to searching for gold, when the diggers would dig tons and tons of sand in order to find after exhausting work a few pebbles of gold.

Every man carries in himself the characteristics of all signs of the circle of destiny but the most dominant ones are from the sign during whose rain he was born. Also every sign has his own energy, vibration, which forms an individual and introduces into the new cycle. That’s why in the Bosnian horoscope the sign in which one is born represents his starting position from which the soul begins its journey further in the circle of destiny. That circle is physical and spiritual. We can follow it in the material and spiritual level from birth to death – we are born and we grow, we change constantly both physically and mentally, in order for that process to stop on one level and continue on another.

Relationships between people are defined by a basic division to male and female sex and the need for them to be combined in a whole. A large part of that need for a whole is described by the word love, which is as an occurrence the subject of all possible studies from the psychological, endocrinological, all the way to molecular and biochemical. All of these studies fulfilled some parameters, explained certain mechanisms, but did not define the thing in its entirety.

The circle of destiny, as all things in nature, is based on two opposite poles which attract each other. The basics of this division are the two lights - luminaries, Sun and Moon, which represent a man and a woman which are a unique mechanism connected by numerous aspects and rules, beginning with moon phases all the way to the exaltation of these two bodies. The sun represents the male principle and exalts in the sign of the Grandfather, first of six male signs of the circle of destiny, while the moon represents the female principle which exalts in the snake, the first sign which begins the dark part of the year. There is another division which constitutes universal couples - Grandmother and Grandfather; the dragon and the snake which are positioned at the beginning and the end of the circle of destiny. They are considered to be earthly and heavenly love couples through which life energy and fertility flows. Since love is the most important segment of this energy road in the Bosnian horoscope there is a part which deals with analysis and review of mutual emotional matching of signs, which is called Anzotika, according to the name of the ancient Illyrian goddess of love.

Creator and author of all texts about fate circle is Raif Esmerović